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    Nevermind, it seems those two default configs don't work because they don't include the ModelHash, but anything saved with the mod include that value and work fine.

    7 januari 2022
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    The custom ratios work when I load them manually from a config, but they aren't being applied automatically when I spawn or enter a car. I have autoload and autoloadgeneric set to true.
    In CustomGearRatios.log I find repeated warnings:
    [18:17:43.338] [WARNING] [XML E:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\CustomGearRatios\Configs\Futo - 5 gears - 201 kph.xml] Missing node [ModelHash]
    [18:17:43.338] [WARNING] [XML E:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\CustomGearRatios\Configs\Schlagen GT - 7 gears - 319 kph.xml] Missing node [ModelHash]

    6 januari 2022
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    Would it be possible to allow the player to take regular damage from fire and drowning, etc. even if it doesn't use the script's damage system? It's a little weird being immune to those things while so fragile to actual weapons.

    22 december 2021
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    I've been tweaking my popgroups and popcycle for a while, and I'm looking forward to trying this out!

    I'm curious how you handled some of the European-market cars which—in theory—fit into Poor, Mid, Rich, etc. categories, but in reality would be pretty rare to see in the US.

    21 december 2021
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    Ah, nevermind. It's in the menu under Controls > Controller > Controller Bindings (XInput) > Assign Change shift mode.

    14 december 2021
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    Is it possible to reassign or disable the controller button for switching between sequential and automatic? I find myself switching by mistake when I want to use the cinematic camera, as both use the B button.

    14 december 2021
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    This is a great mod, and the attention paid to details like ABS, solid rear axles, caster, etc. is wonderful. I'm having some trouble getting used to the high speeds, though. Even in "Franklin and Lamar", my 9F seems impossibly fast, not just in terms of top speed, but mainly acceleration. Starting from a stop, it has so much grip it's very easy to just rocket into things. I can understand the balance between arcade and realism is tricky, so I'm wondering where you think this mod stands as far as acceleration. Because other than that I'm enjoying lots of the realistic changes.

    11 december 2021
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    I'm having the same issues as @Kaiju2007 with helicopters. ENABLEHELIS=True in the ini, and I get the message to refuel with the horn, but neither the horn nor pressing E does anything. Road vehicles and planes seem to work fine so far. I haven't tried with anything else.

    8 december 2021