Cool 'n Vibrant RT ReShade for NaturalVision Evolved (Final) Release 1

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Short description

A ReShade preset made for use with Razed's NaturalVision Evolved graphics overhaul. Makes the mood of the game cooler and just a bit more vibrant with ReGrade, with some additional ambient occlusion and ray-traced light bounces, courtesy of RTGI.

Features and bugs

Red cars and most likely other brightly colored vehicles can be read by RTGI as colored light sources, and could reflect colored light onto nearby surfaces.


Installation instructions

1. Purchase NaturalVision Evolved from this link ( and follow the installation instructions from there. When asked to choose an ENB configuration, choose Medium.

2. Download ReShade from this link ( and follow the installer's instructions.

3. Purchase and install RTGI and ReGrade using the instructions here ( IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR RTGI AND REGRADE, REPLACE RTGI WITH MXAO AND REGRADE WITH LIGHTROOM. The config does NOT include settings for MXAO or Lightroom, so you will have to configure those yourself.

4. Place the .ini file included in the Cool 'n Vibrant download into your Grand Theft Auto V directory. Do NOT put it in reshade-shaders, scripts, or mods.

5. Launch the game. Open the ReShade menu with the assigned keybind, and load the preset.

6. Enjoy!


Razed: NaturalVision Evolved

Pascal Gilcher: RTGI & ReGrade

Boris Vorontsov: ENBSeries

crosire: ReShade

The Grove Street Families and PGHub Discord servers: Supporting and helping me in the creation of this preset.
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