Diverse Traffic - utilizing dlc cars in singleplayer 1.6


Something that always annoyed me was how GTA has all these vehicles, but you only see a fraction of them in singleplayer. Originally, this was just something I was tooling around with and add cars, but I got to thinking. If I want more variety in traffic, chances are so do you!

Important things to note:

- All of the cars I've added are vanilla! You do not need to worry about installing anything else.

- I've only added the cars that make sense and would be seen on the road.

- All added cars are civilian or public works (IE garbagetruck)!

- I could add emergency services and/or addon cars for you in a separate download, however, we cannot set individual spawn chances. This means if I add an ambulance to spawn in traffic, you will see one on every street/every other street.
- There are multiple different popgroups and popcyles that I haven't looked into and not sure if I will. For right now, this specific one does exactly what I personally am looking for, diverse traffic.
This is still a WIP, more cars will be added! If you download, please follow this file so you know when I update it.

How to install:

In OpenIV, go to mods/update/update/x64/levels/gta5

Note: In the event you don't like my edits, please backup your original popgroups prior to editing!

Click "edit mode" at the top of OpenIV.

Drag and drop my popgroups in here.

Click "edit mode" again to exit editing.

If you want a car added to popgroups:

Please leave a comment with the following information:

1. What kind of vehicle is it (civilian, law enforcement, etc)

2. If civilian car, what kind of car Muscle, Sports, Trashy, etc

3. If law enforcement, is it LSPD, sheriff, or what

Can you limit how often a car spawns / X car spawns too often

The only way to limit how often a car spawns is via a line in the vehicles.meta. The problem is, if you have 6 cars that are frequently spawning, you need to edit all 6 vehicle meta entries for those cars. Worst of all, there are [i]numerous[/i] different vehicles.metas scattered in the dlcpacks. While I sympathize with how annoying it is to see the same car 20 times in a few minutes, it is not worth it for me to mess with all of those, and then try to get you to install my 20 some edited metas into each of their correct spot.

However, If you would like to do it yourself, look for this line in the meta. frequency value=

Change the number after =.


1.6 (I don't know what happened to 1.5) - IMPORTANT: My game is NOT up to date, therefore, I cannot confirm that this mod is compatible with the newest version. In theory, my mod should still be perfectly fine since Rockstar doesn't add new MP cars to SP. However, make sure you back up your popgroups and let me know if there are any issues.

Added warrener2, futo2, previon, remus, rt300, sultan3, tailgater2, vectre, zr350, calico, cypher, dominator7, dominator8, euros, growler, jester4 and comet6.

We're getting to the bottom of the barrel on dlcpacks. There's only a couple more left to do, then this file will be done - unless I decide to make special versions. I am considering trying out a version with police cars spawning in traffic.


1.4 -- Added Coquette3, Iwagen, Buffalo4 (This is the newer Charger, 2015 and up), Granger2 (the newer Suburban), Deity, T20, Zeno, Jubilee, Ignus, Comet7, Cinquemila, Champion, Astron, Brawler, Chino, Baller7, Vindicator, Shinobi, Reever,

Patriot 3 - This is the stretch limo. I included it both in the city and county. I may have to come back and remove this from the county if it spawns too frequently.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on the stretch limo being part of traffic.

There may or may not still be a lot of cars to be added, but I'll try not to do too frequent updates. I know it can be annoying to constantly change files. If you're one of those people who don't like constant updates, I recommend ignoring a couple of my updates, then download later.


1.3 -- Added brioso2, italirsx, manchez2, verus (BC only), elegy, italigtb, italigtb2, nero, nero2, penetrator (giggity), specter, tempesta, diablous, diablous2, fcr, fcr2

slamtruck - May need to remove this later, undecided.

wastelander - I debated back and fort about this, and for the time being added it to Blaine County only.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on the slamtruck and wastelander being part of traffic.
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