Realistic Euphoria mod (work in progress) 0.7



this is an euphoria mod that im currently working on just for fun but turned out to be i wanna make this mod a little bit realistic and reactions to have more movements etc.

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about my channel:
i make ragdoll videos for gta 4, gta 5
Known bugs:
when you shoot at a dead body then the body will freeze.

v 0.1:
release. nothing special
v 0.2
weapon impulses has been decreased so the npc would not collapse instantly to its death.
v 0.3 all bugs has been fixed and rolling is now better.
-explosion reactions has been changed
-falling reactions now has a feature that when you go rolling for a little bit of time and go in a high speed then
the player will change fall type when close to the ground. the fall will change back to a normal fall when the player
is high from the ground.
-ped reactions only have been changed a little but when you shoot at a pedestrian then the npc will not collapse always but sometimes
he/she can collapse easily and when shot, sometimes the npc will move a few steps forward.
- fire reactions has also been changed

0.5 update changes:
-Falling reactions has slightly been changed

-NPC Reactions is now much better. the npc will not collapse easily except when the npc is running or he/she has been shot with a shotgun or any powerful weapon

0.6 update changes:

All of the falls has been changed to a more improved fall than the original falls

Many bugs has been fixed. there is some left tho so all bugs hasn't been fixed yet

List of bug fixes:
when ultimate ragdoll is on and you pressed the key you configured it on then the player will not ragdoll. the player will try to stand instead.

List of things what will come in the very last version:

Realistic npc gun reactions will come when the mod is finished. its hard for me to make them realistic because i dont use rageuphoria's mod file nor i use bass dragon's euphoria.
i use the very original euphoria file. if you wanna ask why i dont use those realistic euphoria mod files. its because some of the messages in the file are completely removed
so i can't change every reaction. in the original file i can. in the original file, smart fall messages what i mostly change are in total 21 and in the modded versions there are only 5 in bass dragon's euphoria mod and
in rage euphoria's file there are 6.

0.7 update changes

rolling is more realistic

falling has been slightly changed

shot reactions has been changed but they are crappy as hell right now. if you wanna see improvements to shot reactions, use an mg or a shotgun.

bug fixes:
flying out of a windshield/windscreen doesn't make player's body start twitching anymore.
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