TrueVision(NVR&VisualV) After Hours Update 2.3



This is my new Graphics Modification for GTA V called TrueVision.

It´s not a part of my other Graphics Mod(V CGE). I want to use V Core Graphics Enhancer as an experimental playground to improve my Reshade Skills and to share it with you from version to version and thats what i did.

This new Visual Modification is not just the result of experimenting with all the different Reshade Techniques and it´s not a part of V CGE. It´s important for me to have a bit of a distance to it. It would be just not right to upload it as a part of my other Graphics Mod, because it´s something unique and special from my point of view.:)

TrueVision is the FINAL VERSION of V CGE, if you want to see it that way. What i want to say is, that i will not change the visual like it is now. There will be little changes in the future maybe, but only if it improves the current Modification.

It´s the result of what i´ve learnt the last years with all the Versions of V CGE.

I know exactly what to do now, to get a specific visual picture of the Game and TrueVision is the proof.

You can´t make such a Graphics Mod, without to know, what to do. I did not know how powerful the Reshade Tool is in truth, but that has changed now.

I consider to make a Version for the newest Reshade Version, but can´t promise anything.

Comment, rate and like it. Please share it in the comments section, if there is something you don´t like.

That´s it.;)

Version 1.1

Depth of Field added. It took me some time to make the perfect DOF Effect for Gaming. There are 3 Levels. I recommend you to install Level 1. The Blurradius of Level 1 is the lowest value possible for this configuration and it fits perfectly to my new Visuals. If you like a more intense DOF Effect, then just install Level 2 or 3. DOF for Gameplay should not be too high and well configurated. Hope you like it.

Version 1.2

Artificial Lights Enhancement: Intensity & Color

If you like brighter and whiter nights, then this Mod is for you.:)

Version 1.3

- Reinhard(tonemapping shader) activated and adjusted
- Changed the Code for brighter nights(Less brightness)
- Changed the colors(It´s more natural and eyecandy now)

Version 1.4

-Bloom activated
-some changes made in other settings
(Colors and Brightness).

Version 1.5

-increased Brightness
-reduced the Saturation Limit
-increased the Interpolation between the original image and the fxcolorMix Effect
-ReinhardWhitepoint effect slightly increased

Version 1.6

-increased the "Levels black point" drastically. Every object that isn´t illuminated is dark now. And black is black and not grey.:)
-Changes made in ENB. Increased the Reflection Amount and other settings of the Vehicles.

Version 1.7

Optimised the amount of the Saturation and improved the colors. Other minor changes, I think it´s maybe the most natural graphics Version i´ve ever made. I could not stop to play with this version. You should try it. I hope you like it too. Enjoy. MVGA!

Version 1.8

A new level of photorealistic and natural vision has been reached in this version. You will now hardly be able to distinguish the game from reality, because i found some nice values for the color brightness and other settings by testing them hundreds of times, with the trial and error method and how i see the picture with my eyes, compared to real life or what i think it should more or less look like.

It´s unbelievable how you can change the visuals with only 27kb.LOL But i will further test it and learn to get the perfect values for some other settings. It should be possible to make this shit magical. Plus i´ll try to give it my personal note. It should not only be more realistic or natural, but magic. This can also be done by changing the colors in the one or another way. Have fun.

P.S.: Keep in mind that i have a lot of time to work on this or other projects in my life. I invest 5-8 hours a day in it. Otherwise it would not be possible to learn how to change what or it would need many many years. It´s even time consuming if you know what to do, but i love it and i can do it.:)

So please respect my work and do not insult me with baseless accusations in the comments like one user did the last time claiming i would copy NVR, the staff removed his troll comment, it has nothing to do with other mods. I would never ever copy someones work and not even take a look. That´s not how i work.

An artist would never do such idiotic things, because he can do it 100% by himself. He is an artist and therefore he do not need to copy others peoples work.

But constructive and mod related criticism is always welcome. It can help me to make it better. If you think there is something wrong that could make the photo realistic effect better, please let me know.

Version 1.9

-Reduced Saturation
-tried to find the perfect values for the color hue(color shifting) and the overall saturation. I think it´s close to 100%. Not sure yet. Need more time to test it.

This version is absolutely stunning in my opinion. The immersion effect is so huge that you will have the impression to be in a real world. It´s a whole new experience to drive in first person now.:) It makes even fun to drive with R* low texture cars or just walk around fighting with some ballas or the Be careful because the addiction risk is very high.^^

Version 1.9.1

I´ve noticed that i forgot to tweak an important setting which was related to the photo realistic effect. It´s back optimized and fine tuned the Colors even more and several numbers behind the comma. It should be more natural and realistic now. Enjoy.:)

Version 2.0

Well, i hope this Version is still a bit better then the last ones. I put all my skills in it to make the colors even more natural and real life like by changing the numbers of the Tuning Palette Power Technique four numbers behind the comma and this is the result. I hope my eyes are still working, but i like You decide.:) HF

P.S.: Not sure if there will come a next version and only if i´am able to make it even better. But it will be harder and harder and i don´t want destroy the current picture. We will see.

Version 2.1

- increased the blackpoint level
- reduced the Interpolation between the original image and the fxcolorMix effect
- deactivated the clock by default

Version 2.2

The new Club is just amazing. I don´t know about you, but i like it dark if i go to the club. You should have the impression to be in a real club. It should be dark, but not too dark, hope you like the new atmosphere.:)

New in this version is that you have to install NVR first and then VisualV. It´s still experimental and a work in progress, but i think this configuration is the best way to get a nice and realistic image.

I´ve changed some settings in the Reshade Folder to optimise it for both graphics mods and the After Hours Update with the new club of course. Have fun.

Version 2.3

For those of you who like my Reshade Graphics but with more intense and true colors. I think the screenshots are self-explaining.:) It was a bit more complicated, because i did not just increase the color intensity. The Goal was to make it more colorful and realistic, but not oversaturated and without to destroy the picture of my basic Reshade Setting like in the previous versions, which will give you a special atmosphere at day and night. You will possibly never ever play the game with other graphics modifications. NVR, VisualV and TrueVision installed gives you the best expirience of the game in my opinion. Enjoy.


1. Install NVR via Mod Package(nothing else)
2. Install VisualV via Mod Package


If you don´t like the two weather types "smog" or "foggy" which make the game ugly and is absolutly unneccesary you can do the following. Just copy the code from the "natural" weather for example and paste it into the other wether files, done. I did that and it´s much better now. We have enough weather types with Natural, Clear, Extrasunny, Overcast and more.

Installation: First download and install RESHADE 1.1.0f1, ENB v0.275 and Visual V. Then replace my files with the ones in the Main Directory and the Reshade Folder. Thats it.

Have Fun!:)
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