RMS Titanic [Fix] - Textures + Handling/vehicle meta 1.1


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This beautifies the TITANIC model with all the textures removing the green hues and improvements. I understand why it was greenly maybe because those textures where edited through compression multiple times. Fix it.

Titanic style michael Mansion
Michael's House [DLC] [Complete Insideout Retexture] - Titanic elegance vintage style

Meanwhile in china the TITANIC II cruise ship is being built by chinese company Romandisea . .

Required download:
RMS titanic 1912 model by KAFAROS

after downloading the model , you can use this fix to get amazing experience from the ship.

This is a Major fix to the ship which includes Textures , handling and vehicle meta files as the result of trial and errors.

important: download 1.0 for the handling meta and vehicle meta

What has been FIXED/CHANGED:
1.1 - partial completion of retouches for all textures.
* new grand staircase sculptured clock
* new staircase fine art paintings of 1912
* new plant texture
* new floors
* changes to some textures and optimizations.

1.0 - initial
*Adjusted the Hull textures to fit to the waterline to make the model more like really floating in the Ocean water
*Retained the titanic's colors to its natural beauty and with improvements.
*added texture details to metallic parts to eliminate odd textures.steel is now looks real steal
*new flagship - Blue Star line inspired in the coming TITANIC II
*The ship's driving seat is now accessible without using cheat. it can sail at top speed of 26 Knots , a bit fast than the 23 knots of the 1912 ship was.
*No more dancing problem when driving and the ship is unsinkable in the water
*You can hear the ship's horn afar from camera and won't disappear(maybe) easily
*customized the Lighting to modern lights with colorful Stained Glass window, you can always switch back to classic lighting by the provided backup
*replaced the floor carpets and the flower pot alternate design of ming dynasty textures.
*it has realistic turning means you cannot just turn the ship easily , this is the time a Tug Boat can be useful, its destined to push the ship make it face the ocean or make it dock properly , you can dock it at any harbors and piers without dancing problem.

The HANDLING seems 99% stable and 1% game physics issue. .

so far so good it is all touched.. everyone can now drive and enjoy the TITANIC. this moving map is really fantastic! , how I wish the model author can add least the TURKISH BATH swimming pool only. .

-future updates will be adding Optional textures.


1. Using openIV , drag/replace the titanic2.ytd in \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\titanic2\dlc.rpf\x64\vehicles.rpf\ with your downloaded one.

this will fix the dancing ship problem...
handling.meta and vehicles.meta goes to
\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\titanic2\dlc.rpf\data\

2. Now start the game and spawn the titanic with enhanced native trainer or menyoo

3. You are ready set to sail ! . You can aboard the ship using a chopper and parachute jump on it or if the ship is docked at the south harbor climb to the top of the crane and jump on board.

4. Do not land any cars or choppers in the ship for it will be outbalanced but will not sink. only motorcycles and bicycle can aboard the ship.

5. Go to the steering wheel in front of the ship's bridge and press F , you can now actually grab the driving seat without a cheat.

6. enjoy driving!

If you found me this helpful with my effort, please show your support even with a little dime .. I will release the 1912 inspired olifantus TUGBOAT add.on if showed some support.

rate it after download, thanks!
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