[MP Male] Wrench Mask ^_*


Hell yeah, man! Barbarians are at the gate and ready to bust some Roman heads. Jump in baby, the water's fine!
This is a port of Wrench's mask from WATCH_DOGS 2/WATCH DOGS: Legion

Features 6 variants, default Legion, Cyber Legion (Also yes, Legion has Cyber Wrench outfit which is unreleased) + 4 extra variations, one is based on beta model.
There's some differences from WD2/Legion, i made the spikes slightly longer like the concept arts and the grill isn't exactly the same as i couldn't figure out how ubisoft did it themselves, i will be improving this mod from time to time (But hey, that's a promise i left on some old mods which i never updated, or atleast yet, hopefully i get around to doing it, along female version of the mask, and more textures)
Since, again, there's only 6 textures, i'm leaving a folder with templates, which includes original emote sheet so people can make their own mask designs.

I didn't test the mod without Naturalvision Evolved, if there's any issues let me know (I think the metallic parts might be too reflective on vanilla graphics)
At some angles you can see the emote is "flying" and that's the case in WD2 too, so don't hate me cause i'm beautiful, maybe if you got rid of that yee-yee ass haircut you got...

-Port from WATCH_DOGS 2 with Legion's Textures
-Custom speculars
-Detail map (done by speculars)


Mager Kamel Aquino/Raphael Boyon (Ubisoft) - The amazing original model (WATCH_DOGS 2)
Slick (me) - Port


Use MP Clothes and paste the files to mpclothes\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpclothes_male.rpf\mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_clothes_01
Optionally you can rename the number so it's in different slot
This will add the the mask as new one
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