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This mod brings Bus Simulator into Grand Theft Auto V Single Player where you can driving around Los Santos with Bus, Airport Bus and Dashound.

Special features for this mod includes:
  • Create your own bus route with the route creator.
  • Automatically Doors where it open/close automatically when there are passenger getting on/off the vehicle.
  • Automatically indicators where it automatically blinks when it needed.
  • Brakelights when vehicle is stopped.
  • Interior lights turns on automatically when headlights turns on.
  • Automatic Bus Station Announcement System where it announce the current station and next station on every station.
  • LED Destination Sign for each bus route.
  • All seats in the vehicle are used, 15 passengers + driver.
  • Passengers leave bus through rear doors.
  • Livery support.

  • Latest ScriptHookV
  • Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • OpenIV
  • Muted Speech and Pain (Optional)

Extract, Drag and Drop 'mods' and 'scripts' folder into your Grand Theft Auto V Directory.
Insert <Item>dlcpacks:/bussim/</Item> ".\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml" using OpenIV.

Bus Simulator V Settings:
Open config.ini located in 'Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\BusSimulatorV' using your Text Editor.

SPEEDOMETER - Speedometer show in game, Accept 'MPH' and 'KPH' only.
DEBUBMODE - Shows Extra Bus Info and World Coordinates in game, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
AUTODOORS - Automatically open/close bus doors on stations, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
AUTOBLINKERS - Automatically blinks while driving the bus on intersection, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
BRAKELIGHTS - Turns on automatically when needed, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
TTS - Text to speech, use for bus station announcement, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
TTSVOICE - Text to speech Voice Selection, Accept '0' to how many of voice your computer has.

MODIFIER - The Modifier Joystick key for the rest of the keys.
FRONTLEFTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Front Left Door.
FRONTRIGHTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Front Right Door.
REARLEFTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Back Left Door.
REARRIGHTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Back Right Door.
Control Reference from here:

FRONTLEFTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Front Left Door.
FRONTRIGHTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Front Right Door.
REARLEFTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Back Left Door.
REARRIGHTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Back Right Door.
Control Reference from here:

Route Creator Settings:
Open creatorconfig.ini located in 'Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\BusSimulatorV' using your Text Editor.

MODIFIER - The Modifier key for the Toggle.
KEY - The key for the Toggle
Control Reference from here:

SHOWINFO - Shows Extra Bus Info and World Coordinates in game, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.

Bus Simulator V Changelog:
- Fixed Route refresh button for Gamepad
- Fixed Compatibility issue with new INMNativeUI.dll
- Fixed Compatibility issue with new ScriptHookVDotNet3

- Added Livery Selection to Main Menu
- Passenger Leave bus at rear door

- Fixed passenger glitched out of the bus due to bad coding
- Added random ped spawn at each station
- Lowered the chance passenger leaving bus if bus half full
- Higher the chance Passenger leaving bus if bus is above half
- Passenger Leave bus at rear door (BETA)
- Major bugs fixed and improvements

- Turnpike fix removed due to Terminal Island station use different road
- Fixed Next Station Name overlap with Label
- Speedometer and Stations Timer bar replaced to Progress Bar
- Bus Interior Lights now works on AI buses too
- Passenger who jack your vehicle will bailout
- Auto doors opens after your bus stopped
- Passenger will walk towards bus unless they were far
- Passenger will wait for people to leave bus first before they enter
- Added Stop Request light indicator
- Stop Request bell sound replaced
- Minor bugs fixes

- Interior lights now on when headlights on

BETA 1.6
- Fixed Earned not reset after Mission Failed
- Fixed hooker being added to passenger
- Fixed Stop Request Bell sound not playing
- Added Turnpike fix on Terminal Island
- Changed route menu to read route name instead of file name
- Fixed Door stay open when bus is leaving without passenger enter

BETA 1.5
- Fixed script crash when bus abandoned.
- Added Multi language support
- Minor bugs fixes

BETA 1.4
- Fixed Script Crash on final station
- Fixed Indicators bug
- Fixed only human can enter bus
- Fixed Player glitch through doors when enter/leaving bus with AUTODOORS turned on
- Fixed Passenger not leaving bus on final station
- Fixed Brakelights bug
- Added Camera Transition
- Added Difficulty Level game modes
- Added Interior Lights switch on automatically at night

BETA 1.3
- Added back Manual doors control
- Added Voice selection for TTS
- Minor bugs fixes

BETA 1.2
- Added automatically doors
- Added automatically indicators
- Added brakelights
- Removed Door Controls
- Added Station TTS (Text to Speech)
- Added Stop Request Bell sound
- Increased pedestrian search radius
- Bugs fixes and improvements

BETA 1.1
- Pedestrian enter bus will not lag anymore
- Improved Mission Passed and Mission Failed effects
- Added Debug Mode for Testing purposes
- Added Route Creator

Route Creator Changelog:
BETA 1.1
- Fixed Z Coordinates being too high when Capturing Coordinates
- Fixed Bus Stations not saving issues
- Minor bugs fixes and improvements

Vehicles Changelog:
Changes in 1.1.2
- Added Liveries: SBS Transit(SG), SMRT(SG), KMB(HK), LWB(HK), RapidKL(MY), Intrakota(MY), Shanghai Developement(CN), Megabus(US), Bolt Bus(US) and Greyhound(US)
- Added Extra_2 for Passenger Exit teleport offset

Changes in 1.1
- Added Liveries: Metro Local, Metro Rapid, Metro Express and Metro Silver
- Bus Route Number and Destination LED Display changed from Extras to Liveries
- Added Extra_1 for Stop request light

  • Because the Bus, Airport Bus and Dashound only have 5 passenger animation file in the game, so they will be warp to the rest of the seat.
  • Don't stop too close to the sidewalk, or the pedestrian will get stuck getting in and out the bus.
  • If the pedestrian is too far from the bus, and not getting in the bus on time, it will teleport directly into the bus.
  • If the pedestrian is too far and stuck, just leave that pedestrian.
  • Press Shift + Del to open the Creator Menu.
  • The yellow routes on the minimap will sometimes disappear, you can just place a waypoint on the next station blip.

Scripted by I'm Not MentaL
Model Modified by Yoha
Map Edited by I'm Not MentaL & Yoha
LST Map Created by reddit user m101m102m103
Spanish Translated by Old Dad Gixer
Korean Translated by Mellanitomo Gen:철.권.조.아
German Translated by PNDA
Japanese Translated by 大雪熊0w0
ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade
Community ScriptHookVDotNet by crosire
OpenIV by GooD-NTS
NativeUI by Guadmaz
Muted Speech and Pain by R3QQ
Map Editor by Guadmaz
Map Editor to Ymap Converter by sollaholla
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