Fixed Special Abilities 1.2


This bugfix-mod will fix the glitches related to the special abilities in story mode. These bugs exists for a long time (probably since release) and have never been patched by the developer.


- Fixes decreasing skill progress glitch*
- Fixes wrong ability duration glitch*

*explained in the video above and in the text below


- Latest Script Hook V
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64)


1. Install ScriptHook V
2. Copy "FixedAbilities.asi" into the GTA 5 root directory, where GTA5.exe is located.

How does the special ability skill work?

The special ability skill affects how long the special ability can be used. With a maxed-out skill and a full special ability bar, the skill can be used for ~45 seconds.

Why are special abilities broken?

There are two glitches related to the special abilities. Both glitches can occur every time after a savegame has been loaded.

The wrong ability duration glitch

Every time after loading a savegame, the actual special ability skill progress is ignored and a skill level of 50% is used instead. It's not noticable in the HUD, but if you activate your special ability (with a full special ability bar) after loading a savegame, the special ability duration is is much shorter than it should be. (e.g. 20 seconds instead of 45 seconds @ 100% Skill Level)

The decreasing skill progress glitch

The special ability skill progress can drop from 100% or any other value back to 60%. I've encountered this bug myself with Trevor while playing the storymode recently. This bug is actually related to the first bug and will occur if you level up your skill progress, while the wrong skill level of 50% is used by the game.

Both glitches can also be prevented without using my mod by switching characters back and forth. Unfortunately you can't switch characters at some parts of the game and the issue reappears every time after a savegame is loaded and every time after replaying a mission (basically every time after you see the loading screen)

The mod has been tested with game version 1737 - 2245, but it should also work with any other game version, because the mod uses a memory pattern detection technique to find and repair the broken local function.


Version 1.2

- Memory scan is now 150% faster

Version 1.1

- Improved Performance

Version 1.0

- Initial Version

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