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Gang activity is alive in the world of Los Santos. This is the alternate version of the famous mods LSPD:FR and PoliceMod, instead of being a cop, you're a gangster.

Place GangMod.dll, GangMod.ini, NativeUI.dll, NAudio.dll and GangMod folder into your "scripts" folder. You will need Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

With this mod, you can join one of the 3 major gangs in Los Santos: Families, Ballas, or Vagos. Once you join one of the gangs, rival gangs will try to kill you on sight depending if you are strapped or not, but the gang you join will make all them your homies: you can recruit them to ride with you, say hi/conversate/hang with them, and you can request backup using the interaction menu. Stay strapped and make sure you don't walk into the wrong neighborhood without some backup. You can start a Gang War by going into a rival gang's turf and killing 3 gang pedestrians in under 5 seconds (can be changed in configuration file). You can also start a Gang Brawl by going to the marker on your map. Random driveby events will also occur so be careful.

Notable Features

Gang Wars
- You can start a Gang War by going into a rival gang's turf and killing 3 gang pedestrians in under 5 seconds. (Configurable in .ini file)
- Gang Wars are a great way to get more ammo and guns as you start the mod with low ammo and few guns.

Gang Brawl
- Visit the arm blip on your map to brawl it out with rival gangs to show who's boss.

- Recruit up to 7 gang members by aiming at them and pressing E/R-Dpad.
- You can command the homies in the interaction menu and give them weapons.

- You can say hi to fellow gang members by going near them and pressing E/R-Dpad, but if you are doing a scenario such as smoking/drinking beer you start a conversation instead.
- If you go near a dead pedestrian and press E/R-Dpad, you make some remarks about your gang/killing, but if you go near a dead homie and press E/R-Dpad, you say "Ballas down!", "Fam down!" or whatever your gang is.
- Random drive-bys/attacks from other gangs NPCs in the hood.

- Smart Gang AI applied, they will help each other and you. You feel like your part of the gang, its because I applied a lot of relationship fixes so they will say stuff to you like "I'm covering you fam" or "Cover me" and they will rush the enemy.
- Gang Wars/Gang Brawls
- Full player customization in gang selector.

These are settings that you can change in the .ini file.

DRIVEBY_EVENTS_ENABLED - (true/false) whether or not driveby events can occur.

DRIVEBY_EVENT_TIME_INTERVAL_MIN - (integer in seconds) the minimum amount of seconds that a driveby event will spawn.

DRIVEBY_EVENT_TIME_INTERVAL_MIN - (integer in seconds) the maximum amount of seconds that a driveby event will spawn.

GANG_WAR_ENABLED - (true/false) whether or not the player can trigger a Gang War.

GANG_WAR_INITIAL_KILLS_NEEDED - (integer) the amount of gang members a player needs to kill in a turf to start a Gang War.

GANG_WAR_INITIAL_KILL_TIMER - (integer in seconds) the amount of time a player has to kill all initial gang members to start a Gang War.

- Initial Release

- Various bug fixes
- Gang/Turf Wars
- Active gang turfs are marked on map/radar.
- Gang Brawls
- Random driveby events
- Active gangs always enabled
- Gangster one hand aim fixed
- Gangster draw
- New recruit homie animation
- Homie commands (follow, hold, etc) in interaction menu
- New gang selector things

- Misc minor bug fixes.
- Added Request vehicle to Interaction Menu.
- Upon joining, you will have more weapons and armor.
- Upon joining, there will be a gang vehicle spawned nearby that you can take.
- Enemies spawn farther in Gang War.
- Weapons are more balanced for enemies in Gang War.
- Fixed bug where homies would run away if a Gang War was started.
- Ambient peds/vehicles will not spawn during a Gang War.
- No wanted levels will be given during a Gang War.
- Requested animation dictionaries and gang models upon loading mod to help with some crashes.
- Fixed driveby/backup peds having a higher chance of spawning with a Micro SMG instead of a pistol.
- Fixed endless loop where gang backup would keep looking for enemies.
- Fixed homies sometimes running away or not following when you recruited them.
- Added warning when player attempts to recruit more than 7 homies.
- Changed gang backup text when you already have one spawned.
- Added reason text for failure in Gang War.
- Added reason text for failure in Gang Brawl.
- Driveby events are more rare by default.
- Driveby events and gang backup spawns further.
- Added homie commands for using different weapons and renamed the menu item.
- Interaction menu closes when you call for backup.
- Fixed and tweaked a few commands for homies.
- Fixed gang dogs attacking you.
- Added different types of backup you can call.
- Homies are automatically dismissed if you die.
- Fixed gangster aim shooting when you are not aiming or in a vehicle.
- You can use gangster aim on Micro SMGs.
- You can gangster draw Micro SMGs.

- Misc minor bug fixes.
- Fixed/Reduced chance where Gang Selector marker/blip would not show up the first time or crashes.
- Added button prompt when doing an animation/scenario to stop.
- Added notification when a homie dies.

- Minor bug fixes.
- HUD colour changes depending on the gang you join.
- Requested gang member backup spawns with armor and random weapon.
- Player whistles for dog backup and plays speech for gang member backup.
- Disabled interaction menu when a Gang Brawl is in progress.
- Added quick travel to interaction menu.
- Added/separated homie weapons to interaction menu.
- Added radio to Gang Selector.

- Fixed minor bugs

Gang Selector Changes:
- Changed animations
- Removed cop
- Spotlight brightness decreased

Gang Events!
You will receive text messages for gang events and you press Y/N to respond to:
- Destroy Gang Vehicle
- Convenience Store Robbery
- Driveby
More gang events will be added in future

- All driveby vehicles will have windows rolled down automatically.
- When you conversate with gang members, there will be a chance of replying instead of starting the conversation.
- Fixed Gang Selector sometimes not working on first load, no more pressing "INSERT" key.
- New animations when player joins a gang.
- You can drag injured members from your gang to safety and have a chance of reviving them.
- Added new actions to interaction menu: Homie Hug, Pass Blunt

- Added missing files

Common Bugs and Fixes
- If you get a black screen after dying, try to install a trainer like Menyoo which fixes the player model death bug.

- If you can't use the Gang Selector or it's missing, press the "INSERT" key on your keyboard to reload the mod. I recommend making a save near the Gang Selector so it will work the first time.

SireElite - Testing/Ideas
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