Hazelnut Coffee 1.1


Place "HazelnutCoffee.dll" and "HazelnutCoffee" folder into your "\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\" folder.
You will need the latest versions of Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET as well as

Latest Versions of:
- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET
- LemonUI

(All controls can be changed in the Settings.ini file)

- Controller Compatible
- Open Menu: Left Shift + T / Sprint + MP Chat All
- Interact: E / Context
- Secondary (Decline): Right Mouse Button / Aim

Description / Features
After a lot of requests on my previous mod (Vanilla Coffee). I made this Prostitute Job Mod.

#----- Solicitation -----#
- Open the mod menu and enable the mod
- Once enabled, stand on the sidewalk and press the Interact Key to start Solicitation
- A random patron will be spawned nearby (blue blip on map)
- Once the patron approches you, he will invite you to his car (You can accept or decline the offer)

#----- Car XXX -----#
- Once you are at a secluded location, the patron will offer you money for you "Services"
- You can either accept or decline and leave
- The money offered will incerment by $20 after each service

#----- Rich Patrons -----#
- Sometimes rich patrons will be spawned (they drive expensive cars; Sports, Coupes, etc)
- Zones like Richman, Vinewood, Alta, Rockford Hills, etc have higher chance of spawning rich patrons
- Rich patrons will always pay for your service

- You can change the controls in the Settings.ini file located inside the HazelnutCoffee folder.
- Change the speech from the menu (8 available)
- Change Solicitation animation set from the menu (3 available)
- Set base price for services (default $40)

XML (Advanced Customization)
- You can add / change secluded location coordinates
- The secluded locations are devided into 3 Areas: City, CountryA (Paleto Bay Areas) and CountryB (Sandy Shores Areas)
- Peds Models for Rich and Regular Patrons
- Car Models Expensive and Regular

- Initial Release

- Fixed patrons driving in circles and hitting endlessly
- Fixed vehicle dropping under the map after screen fade
- Removed automatic patron respawn, instead you will now get option to respawn patron after max wait time has passed (can be set in ini)
- Added option to set default menu values in ini (Mod will load with those values by default)
- Added fix for xml file not loading on systems with non-english default language.
- Thanks to @HKH191 for the xml file fix.
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