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First of all, I am very sorry for my non-manual translation.My English is pretty basic.


Put MindControl.dll in the Scripts folder

Hot keys:

Open or close scripts: Shift + X
Choose the target: E
Multiple control: T
Switch menu: CapsLk
Top: NumPad8
Next: NumPad2
Left: NumPad4
Right: NumPad6
LastTarget: NumPad7
NextTarget: NumPad9
Select: NumPad5
Choose the Player: NumPad0
Cancel: Back
powerful domain: Right-click can cancel powerful domain
Lens forward: Shift
Backward: Control
Reset Lens: Space

The 0 menu contains the following:

powerful domain: open a free cam to choose target ヾノ≧∀≦)o...thermal vision
intervention wanted: setting the wanted level
police ignore: police can't see the player
everybody ignore: everybody can't see the player
hidden menu and crosshair: as the name implies

The target menu contains the following:

attack: choose a character to attack
mind coverage: npc will be set as the player
visual link: switching to the target cam
shooting: shooting at a designated position with a continuous effect
throw grenade: throw it out after the designated position.
jump: the target will jump and jump.
dance: target random dance.
use mobile phone: as the name implies.
walk: after choosing the location, the target will go over and the effect will continue. you can open the menu again to cancel the control.
run: similar to above
driving: similar to above
following: the npc follows any object or role.
rear-end: the vehicle follows another vehicle.
enter vehicle: choose a vehicle and enter any seat.
leave vehicle: target will leave immediately
as bodyguard: target will be a member of you
weapon get: target acquisition of the weapon you are currently equipped with
weapon giving: weapon acquiring current equipment for target
weapon given (random): weapon targeted randomly
simulated shock: shocking events will arise in the target brain
arrest: if the target is a cop, another character can be arrested.

Requirements :


Possible problems:

No response using power.
When the player-controlled NPC dies, it switches to Michael.

Update: Correct some content. Modify some settings, such as "ENTER_VEHICLE_DRIVER", and you can now use this feature on vehicles with drivers;"SHOOT_TARGET" was changed to specify only character;You can choose a chosen target again. new options: dance, use mobile phone; fix some settings.
1.1.4. fix "weapon get". '0' menu to add cross-hair location settings;
Choosing a character or vehicle will jump to the first when it comes to the last, and vice versa. 0 menu to add "ignore the player when changing ped" settings;
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