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GTA V was dry on random events, there were so little and they couldn't be redone once completed. This mod aims to add more random events and encounters that can be done anywhere, anytime in Single Player.

Place MoreRandomEvents.dll and MoreRandomEvents.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

J - Toggle More Random Events
K - Manually Trigger/Create Random Event (Needs "CanTriggerManually" to be set to true in .ini file)

The controls can be edited via the .ini file.

The mod uses a random timer and random chance to make the events/encounters very random, by default every 5-10 minutes, an event could/should happen. After the timer is over, it uses the 1/5 chance and if it gets it, it does the event, if not, it restarts the timer. Exactly the same as the Random Attackings mod that I made.

randTimerMin - In milliseconds that defines the minimum value for the random timer, by default it's 5 minutes.

randTimerMax - In milliseconds that defines the maximum value for the random timer, by default it's 15 minutes.

randChanceMin - Minimum value for the random chance of the event to happen if the timer is up.

randChanceMax - Maximum value for the random chance of the event to happen if the timer is up.

CanTriggerManually - True/False for if the user can trigger random event manually instead of waiting. If true, "Trigger" key can be used to create a random event.

Random Events
Hobo Donation - A hobo holding a sign will ask for a $1 donation, you can give him a dollar and he will play an instrument or you can spit on him and he will pull out a shank.

Cop Footchase - Two cops will be chasing a criminal on foot, you can help the cops by shooting the criminal down or injuring him/her or you can help the criminal by shooting the two cops and he will back you up as you will get a three star wanted level.

Pedestrian Fight - Just two guys who wanted to settle their differences with guns/fists. You can help one of them and they will be greatful or just kill them or whatever.

Hitchhiker - A man will be waving his hand asking for a ride, it's up to you to believe if he is lying or not.

More Random Events is a must-download mod. It adds more random events that can be redone anywhere and anytime. When I made this mod, I thought of how Rockstar would have done it: using all variables and checking all possibilities, etc. As a random event is created it will flash on the minimap. Most random events can be interactive and allow the player to interfere and do whatever and turn the events around, but sometimes you can just watch. You cannot get random events if you have a wanted level. I will be adding many more random events through each update, so follow the mod/my username!

- Initial Release

Avery - Tester
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