Rob & Sell Drugs 1.2


Now you can become a hustler.

As requested by: Havoo

Place Rob & Sell Drugs.dll and Rob & Sell Drugs.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

J - Initiate with Nearby Ped
R - Rob Ped when Initiated
F - Sell Drugs to Ped when Initiated
Backspace - Abort

The controls can be edited via the .ini file.

1/10 - Ignores you and walks away.
1/10 - Runs away without giving money.
1/10 - Strapped and shoots you.
1/10 - Calls police.
6/10 - Successful robbery with 50-200 dollars.

Selling Drugs
1/10 - Doesn't want any.
1/10 - You get robbed.
1/10 - Rats you out.
7/10 - Successful drug transaction with 50-200 dollars.

You can rob for cash and sell drugs to nearby pedestrians, but be careful they can rob or rat you out. I know it's a pretty simple and useless mod, but it's fun.

- Initial Release

- Fixed bug with pedestrians far away being chosen instead of close ones.
- Added gun point animation when robbing pedestrians with pistol equipped automatically.
- Added insult speech for player when robbing pedestrians.

- Added animation for pedestrian giving thanks for drugs.
- Pedestrians who are robbed will now drop money instead of automatically adding to player's money.
- If you are robbed during selling drugs, you can kill the robber to get your money back.
- Added marker above current customer.
- Changed the UI.
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