SoB's Realistic Concussions, Injury and Fatigue (discontinued) (discontinued)


NOTE THIS EXPERIENCE IS NOW REPLACED BY MY MOD. DON'T USE THIS ONE (unless you want to for some reason), use the link above instead.

--->edits end

If you use this mod (which works well, by the way), read the pastebin and make your own adjustments. I'm not around to answer questions or anything right now, so you're on your own. I play with no crosshair, high damage and vehicle deformation, and RDE with long-ass star decay times, with my no-hud version of this mod.

For now, I am writing stories and other works. Refer to the stickied post to your right for more information. ---->

This latest version of SoB's Real Concussions uses a realistic fatigue system and a semi-realistic, heavily abstracted injury system at this stage. Next iterations of the mod will include more specific injuries and game FX as one would expect from weapons, as well as vehicle crash injury effects and more. This modset also obscures any cues on your map that the police are after you (no flashing lights on your map, no police visible, no stars visible, no radio chatter), and limits your max armor to realistic levels.

This version *should be* the last one before I start unleashing some radically advanced shit on y'all, returning from the deep stars like some terrifying unknowable invader of yo mind

Installation: drop the cs files into your scripts folder. If you don't have one, and don't know what to do, ask for help.
Also install all mods at for optimal hardcore realism experience. Get a damn haircut.

then, use Open IV and navigate to

6. drag hudcolor.dat in.
7. A side effect of the hudcolor (whose sole purpose is to disable the red and blue flashing lights on the minimap) is that you can't see your armor bar. Be okay with this.
8. go to x64b.rpf/data/cdimages/scaleforem_minimap.rpf and drop minimap.ytd in. This file change removes the bloom/glow from your minimap when injured.
9. All done! Be sure to be aware that the gameplay changes this mod creates are comprehensive, particularly if you use the optional files and the pastebin.

With these files, you will:
suffer damage when running/sprinting
recover fatigue (health) when holding still unless you're actually hurt
transition through a large number of gait types
injuries may require medical attention. You'll tend to have better luck if you hold still, but shit gets real and will soon get real-er.

CHANGELOG: 1048K Removed the false tag from set random cops-- it neuters RDE when turned false, and makes it apparently impossible to encounter cops in the wild if they aren't looking for you. Added the old screen blur FX from previous versions to extreme low health states. Repaired the broken 'set max armor as 10' tag. Oh, by the way, now your max armor level is 10%. This is the last version before a radically advanced dll version emerges in a few short days implementing important new features. Also importantly, this version removes the resource-heavy scripts #3 and 4, which attempted to alter peds' movement styles in response to injuries. This script-set not only worked at a cost of framerate, it also stripped the world of much of the variety NaturalMotion and Rockstar built into it, substituting only a few walk-styles for all. That's unacceptable, and will have to be re-designed. The entire process is being overhauled over the next few days, so this portion of the script has been removed. If you need it, check the 'old versions' folder.

1048L removes the persistent problem some players (with rippler's realism, LSPDFR, and trainers that change your ped model) had with dying or starting injured right away. Now, if you are in this situation, simply use a trainer to heal to full health once and you will be all set and the mod will function properly.

1048M corrects the optional handling meta to have vehicles that are more resistant to the weapons in weapons meta-- the way 1048L was, you could shoot down a chopper with a pistol.
1048N incorporates the latest version 1_01a of You Know Nothing, so now you have NO IDEA if the police are really after you or what. Also I tweaked random cops to be ON when you're not wanted, so you encounter plenty of cops in the wild, but it doesn't do wacky stuff in terms of numbers of police once you are wanted.
Your character's gait will change with fatigue. if you use all the mods at, your experience will be interesting.

Latest version adds screen effects and randomization when injured.

low stamina characters like Trevor can run themselves to death fairly easily.

ragdoll mod? set a gate on it as suggested in the pastebin, or your character will fall over all the time

RPGs aren't super destructive to vehicles with this weapons meta-- this is wrong. Even a frag RPG-7 warhead will perforate a light commercial vehicle.

Optional files:

1/ my choice of handling.meta as of 14 April 2016, as well as
2/ a no - UI version of the main script.
3/ No1P: a no first person mod. As a skilled hardcore gamer, I find myself using the cheapest, most game-breaking advantage I can get my hands on that violates none of my self-imposed rules, simply because I'm trying to survive. Ironsights is too easy with no crosshair-- although you lose situational awareness, one makes up for it in accuracy with a mouse and keyboard. No1P makes things infinitely more tense. give it a try. For anyone asking why not just do it in settings, IDGAF and that's why
4/ my choice of weapons.meta as of 20 April 2016. way less infalliable than the other files, but gives you an idea of damage ratios for this version. Don't get overly attached to anything, as it's just a bunch of numbers and it'll change precipitously once I get the damage scripts packed on-- you'll feel the guy stab you and it won't hurt that much at first, JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE SOMETIMES. Note I haven't gotten into cosmetic mods yet. best to specialize in one thing for now.

Once i was a child
and could not speak

one day i will be dead

but today we will create worlds

special thanks to lexo1995, rappo, eddlm, jedijosh920, and HippieCommunist
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