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Sanjuro is a menu that all the options are from Grand Theft Auto V Community what they would like to see/use in a menu/trainer. You can recommend options down below or Sanjuro Public Chat and I will try my best to add.

How To Use Sanjuro:
F4 To Open
Numpad 8/Arrow Up to scroll up
Numpad 2/Arrow Down to scroll down
Numpad 5/Enter to Select

Main Features:
Walk On Air
Drive On Air
Drive On Water
No Clip
Particel Man
Ghost Rider
Show FPS

Known Bugs:
Drive On Water: OFF always displays when toggled

Change Log: 1.0.0

Remade all of Sanjuro

Fixed all broken Options

Added Smaller Peds

Added Drive On Water

Added Drive On Air

Shrink Ped

Removed Object Spawner will try add next update

Change log: 1.5.0
Fixed Animations
Added Kickflip
Red & Green Lazer Vehicle Weapons
Moved Fix and Wash Vehicle to Vehicle Options
Fixed Delete Vehicle
Remade Los Santos Customs
Added Modded Vehicles Submenu
Added Teleport Gun (Buggy)
Added Animals to Model Changer
Added Object Spawner
Added All DLC Weapons
Added Self Information

Known Bugs: When spawning Nuro/new dlc vehicles they despawn
Attach Object to Vehicle can not be moved

Change Log: 2.0.0
Player Options -->
Added: Appearance
Added: 57 FX Options
Added: Bodyguard Scenarios
Added: Random Props
Vehicle Options -->
Added: Vehicle Wheelie
Added: Flying Car
Added: Engine Always On/Drive Under Water
Added: Vehicle No Gravity
Added: Seatbelt
Added: All Vehicles
Weapon Options -->
Added: Money Gun
Added: Gravity Gun
Added: Prop Gun
Added: Fire Ammo
Added:Delete Gun
Added: Impact Gun
Added: Vehicle Gun
Added: One Shot Kill
Teleport Options -->
Added: Vespucci Beach Teleport / Unique Locations
Miscellaneous -->
Added: Traffic Manager
Added: Hide Radar
Added: Vehicle Density
Added: Parked Vehicles
Added: Show FPS
Added: KPH Speedo
Added: MPH Speedo
Added: Local Time / Will be Fixed Next Update
Added: Puddle Multiplier
Settings -->
Added: Random Styles

Know Bugs: Attach Object To Vehicle

Change Log: 2.5.0
Vehicle Options -->
Added: Stick To Ground
Modded Vehicles -->
Added: ZenKuruma
Weapon Options -->
Added: Rope Gun

Known Bugs: Attach Selected Object To Current Vehicle.

Change Log: 3.0.0
Vehicle Options -->
Added: Adjust Suspension(Credit to ikt)
Fixed: Stick To Ground
Weapon Options -->
Added: Grapple Gun
Removed: Object Spawner(Be back in the future)
Miscellaneous -->
Added: Flash Mini Map
Added: Ride Deer

Public Skype Chat For Sanjuro:

Sanjuro Discord Chat:

FBModderFresh - Main Developer
Sai - Main Developer
MAFINS - DLC Vehicles
XD MODZ XD - Tester

Enjoy Sanjuro and Report any unkown bugs.
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