Vehicle Menu [GTALua] 0.955


Instructions :

To install this mod you need GTALua :
And Scripthook :

1 Open the GTALua Folder inside your GTA5 folder.
2 Open the ADDONS folder.
3 Extract the contents of the Zip.File into the addons folder.
4 Now start GTA5 there should be a console window popping up if not check if you have all the requirements for both Scripthook and GTALua installed.
5 Play and enjoy!

Controls :

Controls are numpad 9 or f11 to open.
Numpad 8 and 2 to navigate.
Numpad 5 to select.
And numpad 0 to go to previous menu.
X to use boost when activated.
Z to Jump Boat when activated.
X to Dive boat when activated.
Tap W for Heli Quickness when activated.
Repair : "," to lay down then press "R" to repair then press "/" to stand up.(All without quotes)
The animation looks at its best if you go stand infront of the car facing towards it.
Refuel : " ; " to start refueling while facing towards your vehicle (looks best on the backleft/right side of the vehicle.
Then press " ' " to finish the fueling process. (all without quotes)
Clean : "[" to start cleaning then press "]" to stop cleaning.
Sit : "-" to sit down "=" to stand up.

Laptop controls are f11 to open
Up and Down arrows to navigate up and down.
Right arrow to Select
Left arrow to Return to previous menu.
X to use boost when activated.


V0.91 Update : Added laptop controls and fixed a few bugs.

V0.92 Update : Added Vehicle Spawner (A-Z) , fixed a few bugs (thanks Willister for finding them)(Neon bug still there until GTALua updates)

V0.93 Update : Added car health and fuel bars. (Still working on ways to repair and refuel the car.) (Engine Health doesn't work with spawned vehicles only for stolen vehicles Looking in to this) Fixed Set Plate.(Thanks isosplz for making me aware)

V0.94 Update : Added repair + animations. Repair : "," to lay down then press "R" to repair then press "/" to stand up. (All without quotes) The animation looks at its best if you go stand infront of the car facing away from it.

V0.941 Update : Fixed critical bug which made the mod not function at all. V.095 will be up later today with new animations and refueling your car!

V0.95 Update : Some neat new features! You can now Refuel your car! Use " ; " to start the refueling animation while facing towards your vehicle. Then press the button next to it " ' " to and you will have your car refueled! (all without quotes except for the stop fueling button since that is the " button)(keys are changeable)

V0.951 Update : Added Cleaning of the car. "[" To start cleaning "]" to stop cleaning. Same as with other animations use this when standing close and facing towards the vehicle. Added some requests from the comments. Tried to fix a lot of bugs when trying to activate something while not in the car (Car god etc)

V0.952 Update : Added hud options sub menu. Added a folder to the zip with a fix for both neon and plate style. Read the readme inside that folder how to use it. Do NOT drop that folder inside your Addons folder.
Tried something out with props while doing the animations let me know what you think!

V0.953 Update : Lots of new features. Crush your car ,
No Car Collision, Seperate sub menu for Animations (no longer tied to hud.) But do not activate at the same time. When Health or fuel is toggled on it will also respond to the keys. Added SitAnywhere Which Is a sort of addon mod for this menu where I want to make as many as possible options to sit down. Revised car god , Removed car never damaged.

V0.954 Update : Reorganized a few of the sub menus. Car crush is under control now. Main menu is smaller most of the options you miss now are in the General Options sub menu. Added Boat menu,plane/Heli menu,World Options. And way to much small stuff you really got to find out yourself. I would start with checking out world options this update!

Mod stopped development anyone is free to continue on it.
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