Add On Car Install Helper / Premium Deluxe Motorsport Manager / Language Generator 6.3


This tool attempts to make installing add-on cars easier by automating some of the stuff you'd normally have to do by hand.

Click Here To Watch The Tutorial - Updated for v6.0

Features include:

DLC Extractor
  • Takes a folder containing vehicle downloads in .zip, .rar, or .7zip format, and extracts all of the folders containing the dlc.rpf file into a single folder for easy copy/pasting into the mods/update/x64/dlcpacks folder
  • Filters out any vehicles that are installed via .oiv installers into a separate folder for manual installation
  • Automatically generates DLCList inserts from the extracted folders for easy copy/pasting into the DLCList.xml file

Premium Deluxe Auto Manager
  • Allows you to import a list of vehicle.meta files and automatically convert them into .ini files that are compatible with ImNotMentaL's Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership mod
  • Once vehicle.meta files are imported, you can edit the Name/Make/Price etc. of the cars to determine how they will appear at the Premium Deluxe Shop in game
  • Allows bulk editing of cars via different filter options on Make/Class/Price, etc.
  • Built in Google Search scraper that can automatically pull in vehicle pricing info from the web and automatically assign it to vehicles
  • The 'Class' value of a vehicle will determine how vehicles are grouped, and will output different .ini files for each class name. Ex. '', 'sedan.ini'
  • Allows merging and editing of base game .ini files for Premium Deluxe as well

Language Generator
  • Takes a folder full of .gxt2 files and attempts to match the hash values to the model and make names from imported vehicle.meta files. Once mapped, you can edit the in-game display names of vehicle models and makes so that names are no longer missing or incorrect when entering vehicles
  • Can automatically map missing vehicle make and model names in bulk by parsing data contained within the source download folder

Vehicle Meta File Manager
  • Can take a folder full of loose .meta files related to add-on vehicles (vehicles.meta, handling.meta, carcols.meta, etc.) and attempts to filter and organize them into subfolders based on the vehicle model. This is mainly for future compatibility with mietek_'s mmvehiclesmetamerger mod
  • More features planned


- Fixed bug with Premium Deluxe Motorsport Manager bulk update potentially updating fields to have NULL values

- Fixed bug with Language Generator and Premium Deluxe Motorsport Manager not prompting user for input when editing fields

- Added DLC Extractor for automatically extracting and formatting vehicle downloads into individual folders containing dlc.rpf files
- Removed DLC List Generator (merged functionality into DLC Extractor)
- Fixed broken Premium Deluxe Auto Manager archive feature

- Added 'Update Vehicle Prices From Web Search' option to Premium Deluxe Auto Manager which performs a Google search to scrape vehicle pricing information from the web and automatically assign it to vehicles
- Cleaned up UI for Premium Deluxe Auto Manager to account for new additions. Bulk editing actions are now in a 'Edit Multiple Vehicles' sub-menu
- Added 'help' menu options and documentation for most functions in the application
- Renamed paths.xml file to settings.xml

- Grammar/spelling fixes in help menus
- Added 'Open Directory' option to main menu

- Updated Language Generator to support automatic assignment of vehicle make and model names
- Added 'Source Meta File' column to Language Generator table for better tracking of what vehicles the hashes map to
- Added 'Show only vehicles with missing display names' filter option to Language Generator to help with editing
- Added partial text match filtering options to Language Generator and Premium Deluxe Auto Manager
- Added logic to DLCExtractor to also look for .oiv installers and extract them into a separate directory
- Changed 'Open Working Directory' options within the different menus to behave more like the 'Open Directory' option on the main menu, which can also open settings.xml directories

- Added logic to PremiumDeluxeAutoManager to allow automatic assignment of vehicle class names from vehicles.meta files
-Added capability to import default vehicles from the Premium Deluxe mod folder in the GTA 5 directory (scripts/PremiumDeluxeMotorsport/Vehicles) into the Premium Deluxe Manager.
- Added capability to automatically copy Premium Deluxe Manager changes into the scripts/PremiumDeluxeMotorsport folder
- Added additional logic and guidance to PremiumDeluxeAutoManager price scraping method to avoid potential 429 'Too many requests' errors
- Added ability to launch Open IV from within the application

- Fixed bugs with OpenIV application launch option unavailable within program modules
- Fixed ordering of numbers in comma format
- Added logic to also include 'gameName' in LanguageGenerator mappings

- Added logic to allow VehicleMetaFileManager to find multiple vehicles within vehicles.meta files

- Added 'Auto Format Model Year' option to Language Generator which attempts to format the year in the display name of a model based on user defined settings. Ex. 2022 Huracan can be formatted as Huracan (2022) or Huracan '22
- Fixed errors that occasionally occur when dealing with vehicles.meta files containing invalid XML characters, or characters that cause issues with console formatting. Ex - @ [ ]

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