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    Best Golf model for the size (MB). I would also appreciate rear gta plate :)

    5 mei 2021
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    Ok, there are also other bugs in the model that are causing the crashes :( (I was in Tesla with trailer attached, I left the tesla and it completely changed position, probably some bug with the doors - only doors stayed in the place, everything else teleported)

    2 mei 2021
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    Hey guys! I have solved the issue with CRASHES!

    The Tesla Semi truck cannot tow following trailers: tr2, trailers4, tvtrailer, tr4, armytanker, trailerlarge
    If you have these trailers in <trailers> section in vehicles.meta under your replaced car (Phantom, I have replaced Hauler) then you need to remove these items. Game crashes when it tries to spawn the truck with these trailers.

    I will upload my vehicles.meta and handling (hopefully soon, after I fix some issues with flickering txd and 1 gear Electric drivetrain)

    2 mei 2021
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    Wow! my game was crashing after fresh reinstall with only 1 car addon (any). Didn't believe it, but this solved it - nothing else worked. Thanks
    Win 2004
    GTA V 1.0.2245

    24 april 2021