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    The day this mod stops working is the day I uninstall GTA5. Just sayin'.

    It would be awesome if Driftall returned... but I don't think we'll be that lucky.

    25 juli 2015
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    How badly did the last patch break the mod? Do I need to reinstall the whole thing?

    11 juli 2015
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    Woot woot! He's back! Awesome. Driftall, can you tell me exactly which issue of the ones I'm referring to you want the logs from?

    29 juni 2015
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    Arooooo author... think we'll get anuvver update?

    20 juni 2015
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    I can confirm the bulletproof tire, color and turbo issue. If you add them after replacing the vehicle though they stay (until the vehicle respawns due to being destroyed).

    15 juni 2015
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    Works, and is generally amazing. It now makes sense to buy cool cars and actually USE them without worrying about them despawning or having to obsessively run back to the impound.

    It does have some quirks:

    1. The "personal vehicle" blip remains on the map even if the vehicle is destroyed. I.e. I replaced Frank's Charger with a Zentorno, drove it off a ways and exploded it. The blip stayed on the map until I came back to Frank's house, at which point the Zentorno correctly spawned in the driveway.

    2. I used the Zentorno to do Frank's property mission for the cab company, where you pick up a dude and drive him to the Vinewood sign. After that, the game auto-saved. When I loaded the auto-save, Frank was at home, but his Charger was gone. TOTALLY gone (not in the driveway, and no blip on the radar). The mod also stopped working (when I pressed the hotkeys, I didn't receive any messages).

    I fixed it by deleting Franklin.veh and upon reloading the save, the Charger reappeared and the mod started working again.

    3. Once you replace the vehicle, you are kind of stuck with it until you force the personal vehicle to respawn. Some examples:

    - A replaced vehicle will stay RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT IT even if you sleep for days. It doesn't get impounded and it doesn't go home. Pretty damn realistic I must say, but I was rather spoiled by the personal vehicles automatically returning home.
    - If you replace a vehicle, then save another vehicle, you must get the personal vehicle to respawn before you can use your newly saved vehicle. Let's say I replaced Frank's Charger with a Zentorno. Now I park the Zentorno, grab a Manana and save it. The Zentorno will remain until I either 1) destroy it and then drive home or 2) switch to another character and switch back to Frank.
    - If you replace a vehicle and then toggle the mod off, you likewise have to force the personal vehicle to respawn. Switching to another character works. BUT! The replacement vehicle stays where it was, and the original personal vehicle is spawned either on top of it or underneath it. Kind of goofy.

    Even without the quirks fixed, the mod is excellent, but this may be something you'll want to look at. Thank you very much for this!

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    14 juni 2015
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    Please fix. The idea is genius but definitely needs to be repaired.

    FWIW, using the latest ScriptHook (06/11) and the latest ScriptHookVNet (06/13).

    13 juni 2015
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    Does not work. In the ScriptHookVDotNet.log we have the following error:
    16:56:45] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'ReplaceCharVeh' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_7458E8C4' ...
    [16:56:45] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script 'ReplaceCharVeh' because constructor threw an exception:
    System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void GTA.UI.Notify(System.String)'.
    at ReplaceCharVeh..ctor()

    13 juni 2015