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  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    Yeah, the mod I was looking for so much! Now everything is more immersive. Never spawn inside the house that I don't want to have! :D Ty my bro!

    1 mei 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    @a63nt-5m1th Yeah i tried search, but have only one **STONE_10** and **0x026FCA26**. Also noticed that if change them the sound of the horn is muted, I think the only solution will be using CodeWalker.
    I didn't want to create necropost, this post is 8 months old ;P

    27 april 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    @a63nt-5m1th You're my hero bro! Love you! ♥ i just can't change to files in my library. Even if I change it to 1s, it keeps playing ** STONE_10 ** (even changing both files). Well, silence is better than that noise that had nothing to do with wipers.

    27 april 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    @PermissionToLand I'm doing tests on several cars and, mainly, off-road, I don't drive very often. But i reported it because it is a differential that I had not yet seen, I will be happy to see it as your progress.
    Some gta suspensions are a little overdone or too rigid or out of sync for the car. I meant if your mod changes anything about it, making it more 'realistic'. So I made a comparison video on the SUV (Benefactor Dubstar SUVs) and managed to see the difference. The dampers became more subtle and suitable for her. In the vanilla at certain times, only the wheels go down and the car remains static without any reaction.

    20 april 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    @Fiesta95 He didn't say how to fix the problem. He said how to test the mod without losing everything (if you have some mods already installed).

    @PermissionToLand My fault, i don't see changelog before. But, you can distribute the two options in file, too.
    In version 3.3 I had no problems installing. I played with her for a few minutes about 3 or 4 times. However, the uninstallation caused the error problem *File corrupted* or whatever
    In the most recent version, I had no problems with the installation, the gameplay for a few minutes and the uninstallation. Everything went well.

    By the way, the mod is very interesting, especially the difference of OFF-Road. However, I drived on a dirt road, just passed to get to the other road, with a muscle car, and it seemed very strange, as if the car was totally in a mud puddle just trying to go out in 1 gear and the max RPM. Remembering that it was just a small dirt road and is a muscle car, not a sedan.
    Other than that, I didn’t drive many different cars to test, but I’m enjoying the result.
    What can you tell me about the dampers? I drived in an SUV but I didn't notice the difference in of the vanilla.
    The direction of the cars seems to me a little more suitable for each type of car. The buffalo, for example, from franklin, with the competition suspension, I managed to make interesting turns and even drifts! Like a race car. :D

    19 april 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    I would like to use your mod. But could you provide the option of manual installation? I don't like to install without seeing what I'm doing and testing, every time I used oiv it causes a problem (like files being corrupted and the game crashes)

    19 april 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    My mistake when not reading that I could change the XML file to have larger numbers than the game provides. But, I am facing problems with the preset you left as an example. When you put it in the folder, the game freezes and closes when switching to the camera in first person. There are no other mods besides the ones needed (scripthook, openiv, scripthookdotnet) and it only happens when I put the example inside the folder.

    15 april 2021
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    Finally someone made the store work! Thank you very much for this mod. I haven't tested it yet, but I already love it!

    2 juli 2020
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    It looks like a great mod and can be perfect to replace the GTA V FoV (which is broken and its author disappeared a few years ago - since 2017 to be more specific), but apparently some thing are missing (Like normal FoV adjustment, since adjusting GTA FoV only changes the scenario) and there are some bugs that need to be fixed.
    I also found another bug trying to set the camera in FPS inside the vehicle. She stood up and after trying to change the pitch, she started to shake like a convulsing.

    There will be some update in some near future of this mod? I'm looking forward to using it.

    18 juni 2020
  • C99d23 girl celta for tattoo

    @Sergei_159 Now that you talked about it, I noticed it happened. Well, I just got out of the car, it reset and went back to normal

    17 juni 2020