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  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    The rear left wheel on the Annis lancea is positioned wrong.

    4 mei 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    Nice, hope to see more.

    A minor issue, I believe the 3d model is slightly off center, so now it wobbles a little bit instead of just rotating normally.

    23 maart 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    Very nice :) Any plans for normal E38? SWB and/or LWB.

    Also I know of a 3d model of a pre-facelift E38 that is pretty good, but has no interior I think.

    21 maart 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    Nice, hope to see more wheels added to this pack.

    10 maart 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    I have this texture around the front windshield, is this a bug or is it caused by a graphics mod?

    7 maart 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    @Aquaphobic once you're aware of, and used to the braking distance being much longer than most other cars (vanilla and mods) in the game, yes it is possible to drive it without issues. Although being on the freeway does require less braking than being in traffic (especially heavy traffic).

    The sound was very good though.

    9 januari 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    @Wanted188 good job on putting words in my mouth. I never said it sucked. I said "Very soft suspension and no brakes". Granted English isn't my first language, but I can't see the word "sucked" here.

    What do you mean lazy comment? Did you want me to write a full page essay with an elaborate description of the suspension and brakes? Is there a minimum limit on bugs before people are allowed to comment?

    "Most vehicle modders just ignore people who leave comments as you do" No they don't. They also don't overreact like you did.

    To sum it up, yikes.

    I will stop commenting unless you keep replying to me.

    8 januari 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    @Bearded_Irish good for you. Just because you managed to do it still doesn't mean that everyone else is capeable of doing so. Again, I've seen several examples of people struggling with things that are even simpler than this, and then proceed to make X amount of threads on forums asking for help. Had this not been the case, I would not even have mentioned this.

    Is it a biased opinion to say that the brakes are barely functioning? They were barely functioning, that makes it a fact. Not an opinion. I was not being a dick with my first comment. I gave my opinion of the handling and mentioned the brakes as I considered this a mistake (which can happen to anyone), but he simply brushed it off with an excuse instead of anything else. So yes, I gave a sarcastic answer in return. It's not my problem that you seem to twist that into me accusing him of "shoddy workmanship" despite complimenting the mod. That's on you. Not sure why you're sucking off modders for no reason?

    Nice exaggerating there. One minor complaint on one mod = All the moaning to other peoples work?

    This idea that a mod being free means that it's not allowed to criticize it or point bugs/mistakes out is really stupid. That means that anyone can put out a half assed mod full of bugs simply to say "Fuck you, you didn't pay so you have no right to complain!" if someone points something out.

    Other modders seem to have no issues taking criticism, warranted or not.

    I think it's pretty clear who "loves the sound of their own voice", and it's the guy that stuck his nose into somebody elses business. (The guy is you, in case you didn't understand that).

    P.S I was going to, untill you opened your mouth again buddy ;) Send me a PM on the forum if you absolutely HAVE to continue this.

    8 januari 2021
  • 2d8826 edpbtzuwsaauepu.jpg large

    @Wanted188 I literally complimented the mod, but added my opinion regarding the suspension and brakes. Don't be mad at me because you overreacted and blew up it up to a much bigger issue than it needed to be.

    "I try to be genuinely responsive and nice to users" But you immediately brushed off my comment with an excuse lol.

    "See, complaining about the handling in such mods is like being gifted a ferrari and complaining that the tires are not inflated enough" No, it's like being gifted a Ferrari and complaining that the brakes are barely functioning. Which is a valid complaint.

    Other modders can take complaints like this just fine, but you instantly become defensive and act like you can't do something "wrong" ever and even bait with the "quit uploading" stuff.

    Here is a 5/5 rating as a band-aid for you. I'll be sure to not ever comment on your mods again, good or bad. Have a nice day!

    7 januari 2021