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  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @iLike2Teabag This is a mod I've used for awhile but just realized I never rated it. 5/5, great to see it being updated - Keep up to good work!

    27 januari 2022
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @F5544 Just seen this post, you still having issues with this?

    7 december 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @JRod It only appears NVE is affected. Even with that it's only when using extended settings and only in a very specific part of the map where NVE adds a tunnel. Outside of that there's no issues with any other mods that I'm aware of. So yea I'd say you'd be just fine to raise this value and especially so if you don't use NVE.

    3 oktober 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @NaijaMango open your game config and search for values with 400. You can also enable startup values in the ini and check which has the value of 400 that way as well. Then increase that value in gameconfig.

    21 september 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @-EcLiPsE- raise scaleformstore in gameconfig.xml from 738 to something higher. Try 800

    13 september 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @JiJiJi In your crash log it shows this
    poolName: unknown - possible pool names with same value: ptfxsortedentity
    poolHash: unknown
    poolSize: 1000
    poolPointer: 000001EC14318910

    raise ptfxsortedentity in your gameconfig higher than 1000, try something like 1500

    6 september 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @llamaxus Use the ini and send logs of what its showing. Also this only helps if the crash is related to a memory pool. If its anything else this wont help you.

    6 september 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @Tuppence870 Thank you for sharing your findings with the community. I will note your findings and update this gameconfig in the near future.

    2 september 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @IDarthVaderX1 This mod is made specifically for debugging crashes that are related to the pools found in gameconfig. It doesn't do anything in game except when the game crashes it produces a pop up box if the crash was related to a pool size that is too low.

    18 augustus 2021
  • Acb24b 11jucfl

    @zBlackPantherr Your comment is exactly why I wanted to release this to others.I'm happy this was able to make a difference in your modding experience!

    @JiJiJi I'll look into expanding this to include more pool strings in the future. The advice zBlackPantherr provided above will allow you to find all values which use 1000 then you can try lowering this value to something like 1. Once you boot up the game will crash and poolmanager.asi should show the value is now 1 and you have your culprit pool. As a side request, can you run with my gameconfig and tell me if the issue goes away?

    17 augustus 2021