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  • Bugstars

    Is this legit cause it doesnt work on mine...can someone help? Please?

    1 april 2016
  • Bugstars

    Guys...please tell me why after i install this mod, everything went well...until i realize my grenades no longer explode, my railgun dont give any effects...and both my rpg and homing L explode like the nuke me pleasee....

    1 april 2016
  • Bugstars

    Guys...i followed all the steps, and nothing seems to work. I got a few issues...
    1. When i launch ragehook.exe, nothing seems to happen
    2. The read me says copy all files to plugins..but theres only one file..
    3. When i pressed num7 nothing seems to happen...
    Pleaseeee somebody make this clear for me...

    1 april 2016