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  • 05d0bb cutmypic

    @Vans123 Yes I'm playing the pirated version, but I'm going to buy the game anyway. Nowadays there aren't good demos out there and I have to know before if my PC can deal with GTA V. But I got it! I followed what rakhimoff said and it works now. Believe me, I've bought GTA V for PS3 when it came out, then I've bought for PS4 and I'm going to buy for PC as well, because mods and using Keyboard + Mouse + FOV mod make it just be another game! Thanks anyway

    25 februari 2016
  • 05d0bb cutmypic

    Awesome Model, Handling etc... But can someone please tell me why doesn't the car has sound? It works perfectly, lights... Just everything but not engine sound!

    23 februari 2016