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    @ARTEK22 how did you load this vehilce into your game ? For me there´s always a Crash prevented and the vehicle could not load in ... is it maybe a replace or smth.?

    27 april 2022
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    Hello there ,

    I'm sure you guys heard this question about a 100 times, but I haven't found a solution for my problem so far, so maybe you guys can help me out.

    i also have the .yft tuning parts in my stream folder , but they wont show up in the vmenu or in a tuning script its not that they are available but not visible that would be a part of the size from thoose files to fix it , they are not even showed up in the mod menu so i cant even select them. I tryed default_modkit i tryed to change the modkit ID´s about 20 times still cant select thoose items. Also i cant select "Engine / Breaks or Transmission" tuning. Only Turbo is available and window tint but window tint dosent work at all too same to wheels. Maybe there is someone who could solve my Problem , would really apreciate it.

    19 april 2022