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    Has anyone else had issues with the installation of this mod? @Dyc3, I had an older version of this mod installed which worked perfectly, but I updated the version of this mod last week and have had no luck getting it to work. When I try and load the game up it crashes and presents a "Corrupt Game" dialogue. It only occurs with your mod and another one I have but after removing these mods the game works without a hitch. I wondered if you had any suggestions as this is one of the nicest mods. Thanks in advance.

    11 november 2021
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    @cb1005 Hi man, I have downloaded the latest version of this mod, the car itself works fine and it is a piece of art. However, none of the car modifications seem to work. Could you give me any guidance on this please?

    17 september 2018
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    Hi there, I sadly cannot get the car to spawn at all, it keeps saying invalid model. A shame as the car looks emasculate. If anyone could that would be greatly appreciated.

    28 augustus 2018
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    Hi there, unfortunately I am having the same problem with the spawn name being invalid

    21 augustus 2018
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    Great mod mate. Only issue I am having that doesn't seem to show in your pictures or the videos above is that my laserlights and indicators are so dim in the day, and night. Could anyone let me know how I can change this, I don't necessarily think it is the mod - @SuperG, otherwise it is perfect.

    4 augustus 2018
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    I think the reason this does not receive a fix is because this account (Alexander Blade) to which this mod is made has been banned from this site, however do not know why the AB Software website where you actually download this from does not get the update.
    I too cannot start the game since the last Rockstar update and this mods update. For me it is the dinput.dll file that causes the issue. I have copied the update.rpf file, and made sure the open IV app along with the ASI addons are up to date. Short of reinstalling (which I will do when my new SSD comes) there is no more I can do other than play without mods.

    15 juni 2018