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    @adopcalipt Could you make a small update which makes it, where you have to press the interacion button (E by default) when inside of the green marker to pick up the phone?

    The mod is really really good, but the amount of times I got stuck in an animation because I didnt see the marker as I was looking behind running from the cops, is insane.

    25 november 2022
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    @enoyan So this is a really cool mod but I agree with the above, could you allow for a setting to set what wanted level u get when a cop spots you and also post race? Having SWAT show up is a bit much, I'd rather have it be 3 stars.

    Also, I'd love for a setting to set how much money you get for finishing a race.

    25 november 2022
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    I saw you updated the scripts after what I mentioned regarding the blips so I am updating my rating as well, very well done, defenitly keeping this one installed.

    19 november 2022
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    @Hunk Any chance u could update this to allow us to toggle the hunting map blip in the ini file? I'm at the point where adding any more blips to the map causes others to dissapear. Also if you could make the hunting blip fade out once you leave the area similar to the rest of the blips in free roam, that would be really cool.

    12 november 2022
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    I agree with some of the people here, please add an option to set the reward for completing a race. Or at least lower the 50k to 5k or something. Otherwise excellent mod.

    11 november 2022
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    @Fady66 I tried and love the mod, but could u add an .ini option or have it by default where the blip for the postal office only gets displayed on the minimap when it's within range and fade out when you leave the area, similar to the blips of stores, etc... so it doesn't clutter the map? It's the only reason I am not keeping it installed permanently atm.

    7 november 2022
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    @Abrian19 Excellent idea. I also read you are planning to add pathing for cars and peds to this map which is great! I do have three additional suggestions:
    - Replace the road texture with a similar one to Sandy Shores, so when u drive to the map it blends together well.
    - The two roads leading out of Carson but that go nowhere, I would try to edit the map and remove these, replace it with sand or something. The road coming out of Sandy Shores which doesn't lead into Carson, you could perhaps add a few construction props to make it seem like it's still being made.
    - Not sure about this one, but perhaps make the sand texture a bit darker like the rest of the Grand Senora Desert, so it blends in better with the enviroment.

    26 oktober 2022
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    If the discord invite doesn't work anymore, use this link instead:

    Be sure to join and check the latest progress as a lot has changed but the mod is finally reaching a stage where the endgoal is within reach.

    7 april 2022
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    - Once you exit the Union Depository, have a few police cars spawned in on the street, each with two cops behind it. Maybe two on main intersection you face when exiting and one more on each side in case the player turns left or right. Reason being because due to the location of the interior, right now you always end up in search when exiting allowing for an easy escape.
    - I haven't tested this myself so apologies if this is already the case, but allow players to leave the vault even if they haven't looted everything yet.
    - Add an option to skip having to buy the safehouse or have an alternative, so you can use this script even when playing through the story without needing to load the online map (as MP maps breaks some story missions) (maybe add an option to have the script load and deload mp maps upon entering/exiting the trigger?)
    - Set the player unable to enter the safehouse when having a wanted level as it can be used to cheese wanted level escapes (plus wouldnt be smart realistically to lead the cops straight to your hideout)

    14 februari 2022
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    @danistheman262 Small suggestion but for the bank on route 68 replace the police with a sheriff cruiser (sheriff) and sheriff deputies (s_m_y_sheriff_01).
    For the bank in chumash, replace the police car with a unmarked cruiser (police4) and highway cops (s_m_y_hwaycop_01) since its on a highway

    10 februari 2022