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    If U replace the combat pistol with this mod,it will get mag error,Maybe I will try to replace the combat pistol's mag with pistol's mag,anyway,good mod.

    24 oktober 2018
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    helo?where can i download the 1.2.0 version?can you reupload it?

    21 oktober 2018
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    dude,this is not "republic of china navy"!!

    10 juni 2018
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    No,we dont need the "cool car photo"shit,and I just always get the camera bug that wont switch back to your camera

    and I edited the "LivelyWorld"like:
    <!-- Here you can disable events you don't want happening.-->
    <!-- Examples
    <!-- Examples
    This section handles what ingame cars the will replace. Source=original car, target=new car.
    Options: <model source="modelname" target="modelname" tuned="true/false" timeframe="day/night/all" zone="countryside/city/areaname/all" />

    didnt slove the problem

    18 april 2018
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    17 april 2018
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    I dont know what is the problem on VisualV or NVR,after both I updated,the sunnyday looks so dark,even it is at morning and noon(10:00 am ~ 13:00 pm)

    2 april 2018
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    Just hope dont snap to apartment when enter the safehouse

    2 april 2018
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    I mean like the airbreak,go though door,explode near vehicles..........................

    1 april 2018
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    How to I remove or disable the keybindings?
    I dont want to use them

    1 april 2018
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    NPC Sheriffs head is black(skin),but arms is white,or maybe just cause i replace the lssheriff in RDE?same problem also in LSPD guys

    19 januari 2018