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    Какой программой перевёл на русский язык? Напиши пожалуйста!!!

    19 mei 2016
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    Mit welchem Programm haben Sie ins Deutsche übersetzt "Native Trainer"?

    With what program you have translated into German "Native Trainer"?

    18 mei 2016
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    Fix, when enabled in this mode, the machine can not switch weapons. When you try to switch to another weapon, returned to the Micro UZI !!!

    13 mei 2016
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    By the way , you do not all weapons painted in gold color ! My guns are not all gold color :(

    31 januari 2016
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    It 's cool if you went GTA V without deaths , without failure of the mission , and so on .

    31 januari 2016
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    In this list you all went?

    Story Missions (0 of 69)

    Franklin and Lamar
    Father Son
    Chop (Mission)
    Marriage Counselling
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Friend Request
    Casing the Jewel Store
    Carbine Rifles
    BZ Gas Grenades
    Bugstars Equipment
    The Jewel Store Job - Smart Version
    The Jewel Store Job - Loud Version
    Mr. Philips
    Nervous Ron
    Trevor Philips Industries
    Crystal Maze
    Friends Reunited
    Fame or Shame
    Dead Man Walking
    Did Somebody Say Yoga
    The Long Stretch
    Hotel Assassination
    The Multi Target Assassination
    Three's Company
    Hood Safari
    By the Book
    Scouting the Port
    The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)
    The Merryweather Heist (Off-shore)
    Trash Truck
    Boiler Suits
    Tow Truck
    Blitz Play
    Mr. Richards
    I Fought The Law
    Eye in the Sky
    The Vice Assassination
    The Bus Assassination
    Caida Libre
    Deep Inside
    Minor Turbulence
    The Construction Assassination
    Paleto Score Setup
    Military Hardware
    The Paleto Score
    Monkey Business
    Hang Ten
    Surveying the Score
    Bury the Hatchet
    Pack Man
    Fresh Meat
    The Ballad of Rocco
    Cleaning Out the Bureau
    Reuniting the Family
    Architect's Plans
    Legal Trouble
    The Bureau Raid (Firetruck Access)
    The Bureau Raid (Rooftop Access)
    The Wrap Up
    Lamar Down
    The Good Husband (Optional)
    Doting Dad (Optional)
    Parenting 101 (Optional)
    Gauntlet 1-2-3
    The Big Score (Obvious)
    The Big Score - Subtle Version
    The Third Way (Deathwish)
    Something Sensible (Trevor)
    The Time's Come (Michael)

    Hobbies and Pastimes (0 of 42)

    Shooting Range: Hand Guns
    Shooting Range: Submachine Guns
    Shooting Range: Assault Rifles
    Shooting Range: Shotguns
    Shooting Range: Light Machine Guns
    Shooting Range: Heavy
    Street Race: South Los Santos
    Street Race: City Circuit
    Street Race: Airport
    Street Race: Freeway
    Street Race: Vespucci Canals
    Win at Tennis
    Play 9 holes of Golf & finish even or below par
    Win at Darts
    Get a private dance at the Strip Club
    Triathlon 1: Vespucci Canals
    Triathlon 2: Alamo Sea)
    Triathlon 3: Coyote Cross Country
    Offroad Race 1: Canyon Cliffs
    Offroad Race 2: Ridge Run
    Offroad Race 3: Mineward Spiral
    Offroad Race 4: Valley Trail
    Offroad Race 5: Lakeside Splash
    Offroad Race 6: Eco Friendly
    Flight School: Training Take Off
    Flight School: Runway Landing
    Flight School: Inverted Flight
    Flight School: Knife Flight
    Flight School: Flat Hatting
    Flight School: Touch Down
    Flight School: Loop the loop
    Flight School: Helicopter Course
    Flight School: Helicopter Speed Run
    Flight School: Skydiving
    Flight School: Drop Zone
    Flight School: Earn Your Wings
    Sea Race: East Coast
    Sea Race: North East Coast
    Sea Race: Raton Canyon
    Sea Race: Lost Santos
    Parachuting: Complete all Base Jumps
    Parachuting: Complete all Heli Jumps
    Stunt Plane Time Trials
    Bail Bonds - Quarry
    Bail Bonds - Farm
    Bail Bonds - Mountain
    Bail Bonds - Hobo
    Arms Traffic Air 1
    Arms Traffic Air 2
    Arms Traffic Air 3
    Arms Traffic Air 4
    Arms Traffic Air 5
    Arms Traffic Ground 1
    Arms Traffic Ground 2
    Arms Traffic Ground 3
    Arms Traffic Ground 4
    Arms Traffic Ground 5

    Strangers and Freaks (0 of 20)

    Pulling Favors
    Pulling Another Favor
    Pulling Favors Again
    Still Pulling Favors
    Pulling One Last Favor
    Shift Work
    Paparazzo The Sex Tape
    Paparazzo - The Partnership
    Paparazzo - Reality Check
    A Starlet in Vinewood
    Grass Roots - Franklin
    Grass Roots - The Smoke-In
    Exercising Demons - Franklin
    Far Out
    The Final Frontier
    Risk Assessment
    Liquidity Risk
    Targeted Risk
    Uncalculated Risk

    Tasks (0 of 16)

    Purchase any 5 Properties
    Purchase a Vehicle from a Website
    Collect 50 Spaceship Parts
    Collect 50 Letter Scraps
    Walk and play fetch with Chop
    Complete a Booty Call
    Receive a Prostitute service
    Hold Up a Store
    Complete 25 x Under The Bridge
    Complete 8 x Knife Flights
    Complete 25 x Stunt Jumps
    Visit the Cinema
    Friend Activity: Visit a Bar
    Friend Activity: Visit the Cinema
    Friend Activity: Visit the Strip Club
    Friend Activity: Play Darts

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    31 januari 2016
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    I want to help you with your conservation, I advise you to rename the title of your saving to "Ultimate Save Game 100%". After all, when you type on the site conservation, then your not there! There you will have more likes and downloads!
    ALSO add photos !!!

    30 januari 2016
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    Have you completed the Weapon Master Challenger and Nature Photographer Challenges in Hunting mode?

    30 januari 2016
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    Everything cool !!! Just do all the weapons for each character gold color !!!

    29 januari 2016