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  • 753adc youtube

    thanks a lot

    1 dag geleden
  • 753adc youtube

    nah, its the original stunt ramps, my game is not the latest version so maybe thats the cause

    1 dag geleden
  • 753adc youtube

    i only see stunt ramps

    1 dag geleden
  • 753adc youtube

    This looks great, one question though, i'm judging from the screenshots, does his hands touch the handle bar? and if not can something be done about that?

    I mean maybe use a different vehicle layout and change seating position so he sits a bit further back

    3 dagen geleden
  • 753adc youtube

    Great usage of props

    7 dagen geleden
  • 753adc youtube

    I only used real car mods but this one is really tempting me to go lore friendly, awesome job it looks amazing

    9 september 2023
  • 753adc youtube
  • 753adc youtube

    @Windows Media Thanks a lot for trying to help, I really appreciate it, your mod is awesome and a must-have for sure. Gonna start from scratch and see where I can get, because playing without this mod doesn't feel right lol

    13 augustus 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    @Windows Media Thats the problem, I incorporated so much and made edits of my own, so I know things are a bit complicated, was just wondering if there was a general file swimming in the internet out there that anyone knew about, so I guess I'm just gonna have to modify from scratch to solve this problem lol. the funny thing is, each mod rarely eats FPS however there seems to be one file that lodged itself somewhere that's changing something in my game and I cant find it, reasons as to why I hate those automated mod installs with openiv.

    I mixed mods with different enb, some of NV and NVE a bit of visual V and other stuff, its chaos but its great lol

    12 augustus 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    @Windows Media Hey Guys, looking for some advice where possible, I have a heavily modified GTA sure enough with graphics mods etc. The game performs fairly well under the load however with this "trees" mod I get a huge cut back in performance, now I'm not blaming this mod whatsoever because the vanilla game would still play just fine with this mod, I'm looking for some type of balance as I really want this mod,

    Anyways I wanna have my cake and eat it too, so any tips on how I can increase performance for this mod,

    Does this mod increase grass and can I decrease it or is there another mod out there I can use to help with performance for the trees so I don't have to cut back on my graphics.

    The way my graphics card is designed I don't really gain fps by changing the ingame graphics settings because it can really handle that well, maybe its the shadows that increases because of the trees idk, but any advice is good advice.

    Places where I notice performance cuts with this mod
    1. Santa Maria Beach on the freeway, near the gas station looking up in the mountains
    2. Near VINEWOOD sign (in the area to the East of Franklins 2nd Home)
    3. Near Casino
    4. Some Places in Sandy Shores
    5. Some places near Fort Zancudo
    6. East Los Santos near Murrieta Oil Field

    10 augustus 2023