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    @Elzimbabwe I'm working on porting the mod to v3, and I saw new weapons in the list, indeed hahah. Version 2.0 of the mod should have these new weapons, I think

    4 dagen geleden
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    @FryTHF Hey! So, about the en-US and locale test things, they can be ignored, because they're related to the work-in-progress localization system. It's possible to fix them, though: you have to download the latest version and, inside the download's gangModData, there should be a "locales" folder. You have to place the locales folder inside your gangModData folder, and then the error should stop popping up.

    About the crash... it's a complete "crash to desktop" situation, right? I think it's weird that just adding a different weapon does that for you. Are you using any weapon-related mods? Could it be some kind of problem with a specific weapon?

    6 dagen geleden
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    @Elzimbabwe hmmmm I'm not sure if, by using it, I'd be forcing everyone to use the nightly version as well to not have their xml files broken if a new weapon is written in them

    6 dagen geleden
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    @Bidulo are you using a custom character? The mod has trouble with recognizing your money if you are. I've heard that the character swap mod helps with that

    8 dagen geleden
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    @yodamaster738 you can only start a war if there isn't a war in progress in the zone, so you have to either wait for it to end or skip it using the ingame option in the B menu. To start a war, you have to use the shift+N menu, the "Take Zone" option

    10 dagen geleden
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    @jmanoao hahahaha maybe, if I have a good enough pc for it and script hooks are created for it

    13 februari 2024
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    @maikichi NativeUI.dll is in the scripts folder, right?

    12 februari 2024
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    @maikichi hmmm... do you get any errors in your scripthookvdotnet.log?

    10 februari 2024
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    @Edgarsky22 hmmmm... do you get any errors in your scripthookvdotnet.log?
    If you don't have a log after playing and you do have the hooks and the mod installed correctly, it's probably an issue with folder access permissions (the game folder can't be read-only).
    If you do have a log, it should have some other info on what's wrong

    2 februari 2024
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    @kkre999 are you using any other mods? Have you tweaked the modOptions file?

    17 januari 2024