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    I am getting this message shortly after I deal to someone

    Unhandled exception in script "LSlife.LSL"
    ArguementOutOfRangeException at System.Random.Next(Int32minValue, Int32 maxValue)

    Any idea on how I can fix this?

    17 september 2021
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    @mcal9909 So all of the characters have to have shared money between the stash cars? Drugs and all are just always shared between the 3?

    30 juni 2021
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    @mcal9909 Is there any way to change the amount of money you are carrying before the bag gets put on? Thanks

    30 juni 2021
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    @Warburg_ When you have 'Pull me over' installed as well, "witnesses" will call the cops when you are speeding and report it as murder. Loved this mod up until I couldn't use it lol

    26 juni 2021
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    @HKH191 I am an idiot. It was totally my fault, I apologize. I had the older version of Pull Me Over. Great work!

    24 juni 2021
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    @HKH191 I am having an issue with using this mod and pull me over together. For some reason when I have advanced actions enabled, the police no longer patrol the city unless I'm on a mission. Suggestions?

    22 juni 2021