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    @mrwallace888 because touge ones are the funnest maps :)
    i wouldn't consider my map small either but bigger open maps take a long time to make, its a lot for one person, also most of the other maps are converts from other games, so not a lot of people actually creating stuff, and not a lot of big open maps to convert 👍

    24 januari 2022
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    @GrimeyFresh Accepted ✌️

    I Managed to remove the trees in end, i was selecting the wrong dlc and putting them in the wrong place, but everything is clear now 👍

    onto another issue though, but not as bad. the car park it is linked to is missing some props that i didn't try to remove, not sure why, and there is a small car met there without any cars, so just a load of people stood about not doing anything, bit weird but not too much of an issue, all the map is working now 👍

    still jus waiting on that approval :(

    23 januari 2022
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    uploaded new singleplayer version, jus waiting for approval 👍

    buuuut, there is a tiny problem where my map meets the main map, i just need to remove some trees which was pretty simple on fivem, but ive spent all night and i cant seem to get rid of them in single player

    i've still included the modded files and my method of adding them, so if anyone is able to point out what i'm doing wrong that would be sweet ✌️

    22 januari 2022
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    hokay my bad, i spend most of my time on FiveM so didn't know it had broken, Thanks for pointing it out and supplying a fix ✌️
    I have an update i've been meaning to post anyway so i will sort that out for everyone.

    this is my latest fivem version if you want for server, i've made a surrounding terrain and an extra road running from main map to it so its not jus floating 👍

    the red, it might not be worth altering main files unless majority of people use shader mods, i don't use any so it all looks fine for me and probs a lot of others maybe, i imagine its an easy fix tho if you want to have a go, just find "Metal_Red_D" in the ytd and edit it to be darker or saturate the colour a bit 👍

    22 januari 2022
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    @johnnyjohnnyyesspapa totes does fam ✌️
    you sure you installed it correctly?

    23 oktober 2021
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    @KCMIR0 Thanks, I am making an extra section to turn it into an island and tie it onto the main map, so will be able to drive there eventually 👍
    No shuto loop, that's a lot of work to make and i'm pretty sure there is already a couple versions flying about ✌️

    @srdr1981 In the Video, Car was this RX7 -
    The Handling Meta was one i threw together ✌️

    20 oktober 2021
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    Soz, they are just basic instructions ✌️

    If you haven't already, You need to Download and Install a Program called "OpenIV", This Allows you to Open and Edit the Game Files.
    This Tutorial will help you get started:-

    Once That's Setup, Use it to Open your "mods" folder
    Then, update > x64 > dlcpacks. Drag and drop the "kushdrift" folder here

    Then go back to your "mods" folder and open, update > update.rpf > common > data
    Click Edit Mode at the top of OpenIV, and Yes to continue.
    Then find, "dlclist.xml", Right Click and Edit.
    Scroll to the bottom and Add the Line, <Item>dlcpacks:/kushdrift/</Item>, then save.

    And then all should be good 👍

    4 oktober 2021
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    @drlq99 yup i will be making a version with less trees. if causing problems you can temporarily remove Ymaps for Grass, Bushes and/or Trees Until i add alternative.

    I have thought about joining to the main map as well, i'm just not sure where to add it, i will though at some point when i find a nice spot 👍

    29 september 2021
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    @totolike too big? I get 150mb, that doesn’t seem overly large to me. 🤔
    I reckon most of that will be because of the textures I used, especially the terrain ones.
    they’re not tillable like most maps have and instead each section uses a separate 2k painted texture.
    I haven’t encountered any problems due to it yet, but if it’s ruining something for you let me know and I’ll try work something out 👍

    6 april 2021
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    That was this one,

    to lock it for drifting open the .ini and set these to 0,
    + Intensity
    Look left and right angle


    29 januari 2021