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    @ExoTic_ you probably already figured it out but ill tell you anyways. so you make a scripts folder, don't put your scripthook dot net into the scripts folder, put it in your main game directory, in your scripts folder you make a folder called "AutoloadMaps" then drag the 1.4 .xml file into that and it should work fine if you do that

    23 februari 2022
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    the silver slide file isnt in the download and it looks really cool how do i get it

    20 januari 2022
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    i personally dont like the headlights blinking because it makes it look like theres a problem with the battery in the car but you do you

    19 januari 2022
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    as if the radios werent annoying enough now i got some weird ass mexican music destroying my eardrums whenever i get into a car

    6 januari 2022
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    i dont wanna shit on your mod and be a dick but even someone with little military experience can tell you that the uniform isnt completely right with the rank positioning being too low on the shoulder the nametag reading the first name and the colors of the nametag and the branch again, this is constructive criticism not me being a complete ass hole

    5 januari 2022
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    btw the families were supposed to be loosely based off of the crips because lamars actor is actually a crip and one of the lines in the game from him is "can a loc come up in yo crib?"

    21 september 2021