Gallivanter Baller Handling Test


ONLY Baller handling, trying to make it closer to gta4 handling the way i had it. In gta4 i reduced leaning, in gta5 is increased slightly along with more changes. Also there is bug with suspension travel making cars jump over higher curbs, simply increasing "SuspensionUpperLimit" this can be fixed on every car.

In this handling file is also changed MIXER and MIXER2 to test slower heavy truck with more gears. If you ever drove behind not empty concrete truck, you know what i'm trying to do.

And all planes have removed turbulence values to smooth flying little. In future i wanna decrease heli's sway.

Only baller handling is in txt file, thats how you have to do it with individual vehicles replacing them your self.

handling.meta is replaced in update.rpf\common\data
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