Bay Shore Pack [Add-on | LODs] 1.2


Bay Shore Pack Release Version 1.2

Can't believe I have to say this but do NOT resell my mods under any circumstance.

v1.2 Changelog:
-Brand new model using the new Comet S2 as a base to represent the real car better
-bscomet.ytd no longer as bloated due to this change as well
-New spoiler and wheels that are much closer to the real car

A pack (currently) of 7 cars intended to mirror some (somewhat obscure) Mid Night and speed trial cars in GTA lore. All cars have LODs.

Car list and spawn names:
-bstorero: Jakey's Special Torero based on the Walter Wolf Countach in Mid Night
-bstorero2: Track Torero based on a Countach run by Mid Night on race tracks
-bselegy: Sinister Elegy based on the earlier spec of the Pentroof/Kreiz Satan R
-bselegy2: Demo Elegy based on a Mid Night R32
-bsariant: Sinister Ariant based on the Pentroof Chaser JZX100
-bscomet: Track Comet S2 based on a new Mid Night Porsche 911 GT3 RS ran on tracks
-bsviseris: Heavy Flow Viseris based on the ABR Hosoki Pantera

Open the ZIP archive and drop the folder bayshore_pack into mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\
Then go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and add the line


to dlclist.xml

I would also recommend using the plates in "recommended plates.txt" as they are mostly accurate to the real cars (or just something I made up in the case of the Demo Elegy and Sinister Ariant). Check the folder titled "real cars" if you want to see what these cars are based on.

Known bugs/issues:
-There are some wonky LOD models for some parts on some cars, but I figure these aren't problematic since they're only seen from a distance
-Both the Elegies have very high _hi.yft sizes due to higher poly parts being used (both are around 140k each in _hi models). This should be somewhat okay since the LODs do not use high poly parts
-All cars are still using their default handlings, but expect a handling overhaul soon
-Potential game crashes when driving certain cars for long periods of time, not sure why
-bsariant spoiler model isn't fitted on perfectly, might be fixed later down the line

Let me know if you find any more issues in the comments.

All assets are used with permission, and all contributors are credited in "credits.txt".

Rockstar Games - Base assets
Voit Turyv - Mapped Torero base
3P1C/Tepig - Karin Ariant base model, handling and sounds

IGnoTon - Japanese plate model
Ydrop Team - Tuned Elegy engine model
KermanRB12 - RH5 bodyshell/chassis, Annimo bumper, skirts, window banner and lore Tomei wing model on bselegy
TGI_J - bselegy lore R33 wheels
deadman23 - bselegy2 lore R34 wheels
NorthwindJME - bselegy2 rear seats
Boywond - Maibatsu Sunrise R wing on bsariant
RooST4R - Wheels used on bsariant, bsviseris and new tires for bscomet

artistraaw - Original HD Bay Shore decals
Cranlet - Jakey's Grand Prix decals
sirstirfry - Pole Position decals
Sangckrona - Sinister and RH5 decals and bselegy livery
TheSecretPower - Misc. decals

Special thanks to Fir for "moral support" :xok:

Eveything else was done by me.

Screenshots by Skysder, Pantsu, Bones, Sealyx, saldin93, R3tr0 Dr1v3r, Sangckrona, Slasher, Fir and my stupid ass.

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