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Mobile command Trailer [ELS] [Non ELS/5M ready]
This is Standalone version if you use my FD pack just download the update. This vehicle is in my Fire Dept Vehicle Pack

updated with non els version for 5M enjoy or SP or LCPDFR

Template is included, ELS lights

Mult- Livery, Police, Fire, and Fire Command Skins

To Come: WIP will have more skins made for SHERIFF and FIB

this vehicle is part of my fivem vehicle pack, and was requested,

all doors open, light tower raises an lights up, 360 scene lighting, side runners, and indicators interior lighting and multi monitor setup, TV monitors kitchen with cooler, mini fridge and ice maker, coffee, machine, and microwave 2 workstations, some interior collisions on desks, 2 additional desks. included meta to reference when adding other cars that can tow this trailer.

you can change the color of the interior walls with trainer under vesicle paint - secondary

extra_ten - awning fabric
open awing, doors, ramp, and light tower with trainer vehicle doors

high poly 200K report any bugs in discord for faster response


Q: can you make this non els?


Q: my lights are dark why ?

Because the trailer needs power, its need to be attached to a vehicle for the trailer lights to work ELS

you should still be able to sit in the trailer and turn off/on lights and open doors even if the trailer is attached to the another vehicle

Q: Trailer Dispears when i walk away ?

if the trailer disappears when you walk away edit the meta so it looks like this >>


Q: How do i turn on the lights ?

you must install the els.vcf for the trailer

to activate the lights spawn and enter or enter the trailer, and activate your ELS Lighting stage

Q: What are the Doors and Extras??

boot - trunk ramp
doorpside_f - light tower
doorpside_r - side door
doordside_f - side door
doordside_r - awing pole

tkdn - light tower (tkdn face front working on fix)
scene lights

extra_ten - awning fabric

to install

rename the files to trailersmall or which ever slot you want the trailer in, fyi if you use trailer small in game, this is commonly spawned by the ai in blaine county, id recommend an add on slot.

Meta data in comments

you must install the els.vcf for the trailer

to activate the lights spawn and enter or enter the trailer, and activate your ELS Lighting stage

for addons or trailersmall you must add the trailer to the vehicle.meta entry for every vehicle that can tow the new trailer

Preview all my vehicles on my Dedicated FiveM Server or Join us for Roleplay. Discord Link
Server: SuperFunTime in FiveM Browser List

(screenshots are from my fivem server)

Join the Modding Discord for FiveM, LSPDFR and LCDPFR.
Modding Support, Feedback, Tutorials and Dev-Resources

special thanks to @medic4523 @sobo and @Thero

install help and support? go to discord chat

By Downloading this Pack you agree to the Terms of use

Terms of Use

You are NOT allowed to rip parts from, re-upload, repackage, or redistribute this modification, you may only link to the download.

This included uploading this vehicle as a FiveM resource DO NOT DO IT!!!

You are allowed to use this pack on FiveM or Multiplayer platform permitted with the following rules. (a) you must list vehicle credits where appropriate on your website and forums. (b) at any time, and for any reason, your right to use this pack on your FiveM or MP server can and may be revoked by the author. (c) failure to abide by terms of service will result in revocation of use of this modification.

FiveM and MP Platforms:

Failure to abide by the above rules for FiveM and MP Platform will result in your server being reported for using unauthorized modifications without the author's permission. This will result in your Server being removed till you abide by FIveM or MP platform terms.

trailer created by nad CodeDesigns
ELS lights setup by Sobo and Medic4523
federal signal quadraflares by tomcatt converted
Trailer edits by Sobo
cameras from otaktu Dev Command Trailer
Interior equipment kitchen, and workstations all converted from sketchup, conversions by candice,
new template by candice
some parts, camera, cabinets, and video station from Otaku's Mobile Command Center
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