Lore Friendly Mug Pack 1.1

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1.0 Original Upload
1.1 Fixed Singleplayer Version

This pack includes 78 lore-friendly mugs you can use to create more immersive scenes.
Doesn't matter if you're creating an interior and need some stuff to put on the tables or just want to hold the mug of your favorite radio station while drinking your morning coffee.


Radio Stations:
- blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM (grey/white)
- Channel X (grey/white)
- East Los FM (yellow)
- FlyLo FM (grey/white)
- Los Santos Rock Radio (grey)
- Radio Los Santos (grey/white)
- Non-Stop-Pop FM (grey)
- Radio Mirror Park (grey/white)
- Rebel Radio (grey/white)
- Space 103.2 (grey/white)
- The Blue Ark (grey/white)
- The Lab (grey/white)
- The Lowdown 91.1 (grey/white)
- Vinewood Boulevard Radio (grey/white)
- West Coast Classics (grey/white)
- WorldWide FM (white)

- 24/7 (grey/white)
- Badger
- Bean Machine (grey/white)
- Burger Shot (grey/white)
- Celltowa
- Chihuahua Hotdogs (grey/white)
- Climatic Candid Channel (grey/white)
- Cluckin' Bell (grey/white)
- CNT (grey/white)
- Crucial Fix (grey/white)
- Dynasty 8 (grey/green)
- iFruit (grey/white)
- Globe Oil (white)
- GoPostal (white)
- Krapea (grey/white)
- Lifeinvader (grey/white)
- Lombbank (white)
- Los Santos Transit (white)
- LTD Gasoline (blue)
- Mors Mutual Insurance (grey/white)
- Penris (grey/white)
- Post OP (grey/white)
- Rainé (grey/white)
- RON (white)
- STD Contractors (white)
- Tinkle (grey/white)
- Vom Feuer (grey/white)
- Whiz (grey)
- Xero (grey)

Planned Updates:

Due to the current texture mapping of the mug, not all logos can be displayed in a size that would look good on the mug. I plan on creating different texture mappings to be able to use logos that have different formats than the ones used.

- add missing Radiostations
- add more companies
- add the possibility of having a steaming mug filled with coffee



- Import the mods folder to your GTA V folder.
- Using Codewalker or OpenIV, extract the file dlclist.xml from (update\update.rpf\common\data)
- Add to your dlclist.xml the line:


- Import back the dlclist.xml file to your game.
- Mod installed!


- Go to the resources folder in your server files
- Copy the "dav_renz_mug_pack" folder into your resources folder
- Add "dav_renz_mug_pack" to the resources entry in your server.toml file


- Go to the resources folder in your server files
- Copy the "dav_renz_mug_pack" folder into your resources folder
- Add the line "ensure dav_renz_mug_pack" in your server.cfg file


You can add the mugs to your map by creating ymaps in Codewalker or any other map editor. You can also load the mugs by any script ingame and attach them to your PED's hand for example.
Spawn names can be found in the spawnnames.txt file


Don't reupload this pack without permission. You are however allowed to use this pack as a dependency in your mapping projects if you don't redistribute the files.

- Rockstar Games - original model and logo design.
- Dexyfex and the CodeWalker Team
- Sollumz Team
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