HD Visual Graphics© 1.4


I want to apologize for being away so long, but I do not have much time for modding, I hope to be more active soon.
With respect to the mod the next update and last will come soon. Then it will not be updated for an indefinite time, since it is very difficult to work with core.ypt and for lack of desire.

For better graphics and optimization experience I recommend you download - NaturalVision ✪ Remastered

HD Visual Graphics©
The purpose of this mod is to improve the visual effects of the game with 2K and 4K textures,
to get a better graphics experience.
after completion of the mod, this will include new explosions,
fire, water, splashing water, sun, crowns, lens flare, chromatic flare,
reflections, rain puddles,
headlights, car shadows, snow, rain, dust, moon,star sky and more hd

(►) Add
(★) Enhanced
(☑) Enhanced fixed

------------[1.4 version]-------------------------------
☑ Optimization Optional

------------[1.3 version]-------------------------------
► Car Shadows 2k
► Splashing Water 4k
► Light Effects 2k
► Mist 4k
► Damage 4k
► Torch 4k
► Vehicle Light 16 textures 2k
► Siren Light 2k
► Waternoise
★ Explosion 8k
★ Lens Flare 2k
★ Flare Sun 4k
★ Corona 4k
★ Headlights 2k
★ Animorphic 4k
★ Caustic Water Hd
★ Stars 4k
★ Cloudnoise 2k
☑ Reflections Artifact 4k
☑ Water 4k
☑ Water Bump 2k
☑ Distant Light

------------[1.2 version]-------------------------------
► 6k Explosion
☑ Chromatic 2k

------------[1.1 version]-------------------------------
► Cloudnoise 2k
★ Corona sun optional v1-v2
★ Lens flare 6k
☑ Moon 2k
☑ Wteater Foam 4k

------------[1.0 version]-------------------------------
► Water 4k
► Lens Flare
► Flare Sun 4k
► Corona 2k
► Headlights
► Wteater Foam 4k
► Chromatic 2k
► Animorphic 4k
► Caustic Water Hd
► Stars 4k
► Moon 2k


------------ Manual -------------------------------
Follow the system folder to install
1. Make sure you have the latest version of OPENIV and the plugin "well" installed before proceeding.
2. enable EDIT MODE before making changes.
3. Replace the files by following the exact folder structure I have provided in my download. Simply DRAG and DROP as directed using openIV.

------------ Via Package ------------------------
1. Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin OPENIV and "good" installed before proceeding.
2. To enable edit mode before making changes.
3. Go to Tools and select the package installer
4. Select setup.oiv

If you experience performance problems or errors of memory, install version optimization

------------------FAQs (will not be answered in comments)------------------

Gets low performance?
Yes, a small drop in performance, you should not notice on 4gb graphics cards.

Does not work, did zilb call error not work correctly?
Should install the optimization (I recommend the manual installation) is in the folder optimization (optional).
If it still does not work should eliminate the explosions as they are the cause of the error, you should not install the patch folder or should replace by backup


Compatible with redux?
Yes, you should install redux first and then HD Visual Graphics ©

How to uninstall?

You should delete the following

And replace

---------[Recommended mods]------------------------
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- HD vehshare
- L.A. Roads
- L.A. Roads Patch
- Rally Dust Effects + Handling
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