SFPD→LSPD Skin Pack 1.0


Boom, fireworks! A couple of jets flying over our heads with coloured smoke! An entire symphonic orchestra playing the anthem! Yes, all that!

Hello there. You probably wonder what the hell I'm talking about. But can't you see! It's finally out! The GTA V version of one of my most succesful mods! More than 5k download on gta4-mods! Yes!

... What do you mean you don't care and it's a lame ammount of downloads? But... but... Fine! I don't care either! See if I care, hah! You don't know what to say now huh, smartypants!


Hello hello people, and welcome to this wonderful download page. Are you the kind of person who always loved the San Francisco Police Department car design? Keeping it very simple yet effective? But do you prefer to stay within the Los Santos theme? Well, look no further, you found the perfect skin pack! No less than 61 skins, yes sir, 61 skins to fit all your needs. And in 4K, yep! For 14 different models! Let us see the list of the cars available, shall we?

- CVPI: 4 regular skins, 4 K9 skins
- Impala: 4 regular skins
- Taurus: 4 regular skins
- 2010 Charger: 4 regular skins, 4 K9 skins
- 2014 Charger: 4 regular skins
- Explorer: 4 regular skins, 4 black skins
- Tahoe: 4 regular skins, 4 black K9 special skins
- Silverado: 4 regular skins
- F-150 Raptor: 4 regular skins
- GMC Savana: 2 inmate transport skins
- Bearcat: 1 tactical/rescuke skin
- Maverick (helicopter): 1 regular skin
- Corvette C7R: 1 regular skin
- McLaren (yes, @bizzlezx10r , I made a skin for your car!): 4 regular skins

Each skin comes with a distinct unit number, so don't fear to have clone units all over the place! Yes, I know, it's awesome, but what can I say, I'm like that. What? I suck? But... FINE. But since I'm a nice guy, you can still download all that. For free! For free dammit! Hours of work for you to enjoy during your patrols! Hope you'll truly have fun with those at least!

As always, feel free to leave comments, feel free to leave a review (if you plan to rate low, please explain why so I can improve), and feel free to use them for your clan, videos, whatever you want, as long as you leave a little credit/shoutout when needed. Links to recommended models provided in a text file with the download.

Also, main screenshot by DakotaM990, don't hesitate to look at his profile on and thumb it up!
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