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Anakin Nakamura Thomas, powerful crime lord, former bodyguard/hitman/bounty hunter. This man has come a long way to reach his position as leader of the Nakamura Crime Families. Starting as a bodyguard for his father, he later takes the throne as heir and controls the family organization.

Hiring the services of Haley Rose as his personal guard, she eventually becomes his first love and the mother of his first child.

In 2053, he befriends and eventually marries Kate Spade and merges her criminal syndicate into the larger Nakamura Crime Families.

What's this?
A follow-up on my previous Skin Control pack, Kate Nakamura. In that pack, he was seen in his 60s, an older man but now you can see him in his prime along with others such as his family.


Anakin Nakamura - Crime Lord attire
Anakin (Alternate) - Alternate Crime Lord attire
Anakin (Chinese Attire) - Chinese-life style
Anakin (Wealthy) - Wealthy Anakin in Alternate Timeline
Anakin (Business) - Anakin's Business attire
Anakin Nakamura (60s) - Anakin Nakamura in 2055
Anakin (Vagos Spy) - Anakin's Vagos disguise
Anakin (Hitmen Disguise) - Anakin's Hitman disguise
Anakin (Heist Gear) - Anakin's heist gear
Anakin (NOOSE Disguise) - Anakin's NOOSE disguise
Young Anakin (18-20) - Pre-criminal Anakin
Young Anakin (Club Attire) - Pre-criminal Anakin's club attire
Young Anakin (Bodyguard) - Anakin's bodyguard attire
Young Anakin (Costume) - Anakin's party costume
Young Anakin (Beach Day) - Anakin's beach attire
Haley Rose (Ex-GF) - Pre-Kate girlfriend
Haley (Personal Guard) - Haley as Anakin's personal guard
Haley (Lost MC Disguise) - Haley's Lost MC disguise
Young Haley (17-23) - Younger Haley
Young Haley (Beach) - Haley's beach attire
Anakin's Father - Andrew Thomas
Anakin's Mother - Kanade Nakamura
Anakin's Son - Luke Rose Nakamura
Anakin's Bodyguards (Male and Female)

Skins background:

Anakin (Chinese Attire)
With his grandmother's family being Chinese, Anakin wears this outfit to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year's.

Anakin (Wealthy)
In an alternate timeline, Anakin doesn't delete an email telling him he would get rich by completing a survey. Not regretting it, he now leads a rich life where he has everything; women, houses, cars, private jets, yachts, and casinos.

Anakin (Hitman Disguise)
In order to take out personal enemies of himself and not his criminal organization, Anakin often took up the role as a hitman to get close enough to his enemies and got rid of them for good.

Anakin (Heist Gear)
Anakin wore this outfit to take part in heists his lieutenants put together and takes a 30% cut, giving 25% of it to his organization and the rest for himself.

Young Anakin (18-20)
Before his life of crime started, Anakin was just starting out in the adult world. Going out to clubs; going to costume parties; often walks on Vespucci Beach.

Young Anakin (Bodyguard)
Entering the criminal underworld, Anakin took up as a bodyguard for his father, Andrew. Staying at his side most of the time.

Haley (Personal Guard)
Haley was once a bounty hunter, taking jobs from Anakin after he became the leader of the Nakamura Crime Families, she later joins and becomes his personal bodyguard.

Haley Rose (Ex-GF)
Previously his personal guard, Haley eventually became Anakin's first love and the underboss of the Nakamura Crime Families. Changing from her previous outfit to a better one to fit her role.

Young Haley (17-23)
Before the life of crime, Haley Rose has been trying to fit in society but to no avail. Struggling since her teenage years, her life will change once she hits 23.

Anakin's Father
As the father of Anakin Nakamura and the founder of the Nakamura Crime Families, Andrew Thomas is a well known retired crime lord in Canada, the US, Japan, China, Russia, Europe, and Australia. With his organization, he is respected by even his enemies and several governments.

Anakin's Mother
The wife of Andrew Thomas and mother of Anakin Nakamura, Kanade Nakamura was once an office worker in western Canada before she met Andrew where her life changed, no longer needing to work for money. Her son donned her last name rather than her husband.

Anakin's Son
As the son of Anakin Nakamura and Haley Rose, Luke Rose Nakamura is unsure of the life he wants to live; either following in his parents steps and become a criminal or lead a different legitimate life.

Anakin Nakamura is one of the title characters in the Grand Theft Auto x RWBY crossover fanfiction; San Andreas: Criminal Underworld.

Skin Control 2.1
Modified MP Female Clothes (Some skins may require this)
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