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Player Zero++ V1.8

Player zero brings all the toxic waste from online sessions and dumps it into story mode...
-Collect bountys.
-Team up with playerz.
-Spawn kill playerz.
-Be spawn killed by playerz.
-ride in playerz vehicles.
-Save friendly players.
-Avoid Mk2 greefers.
-Add snow to Los Santos.

The Default view players is now the changed to the cam button 'V'.

The Default menu key is 'Z',
The Default clear session key is 'X',
The Default invite only key is 'C',

The Control Combo for menu is Right Dpad + A
The Control Combo for clear session is Right Dpad + X
The Control Combo for invite session is Right Dpad + B

All can be changed from the menu.


Place all the files and folders from the zip file into the 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.

The Translate folder contains a variety of languages, translated using google translate. Your language will be automatically set via the game language. You can change your languages in the settings menu.
-1) = Auto-select
0) = English
1) = French
2) = German
3) = Italian
4) = Spanish
5) = Portuguese
6) = Polish
7) = Russian
8) = Korean
9) = Chinese
10) = Japanese
11) = Mexican
12) = ChineseSimplifyed

Required Files
--Always check these are up-to-date as they do change.--

All the free DLC's installed...
Script Hook V

This mod uses all the vehicles avalable, these require an uptodate trainer so they don't despawn.
Any of these will work.
Add-On Vehicle Spawner

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- some players just go afk mid session.

- spawn kills (fix by lowering aggression).
You can use 'Snow_V.asi' in your own mods without asking permission but please do put a link to your mod in the comments,
to activate snow create a blank file named 'Root Dir + Grand Theft Auto V/AddSnow.snow'.
to deactivate snow create a blank file named 'Root Dir + Grand Theft Auto V/RemoveSnow.snow'.
Future updates
...Redo the hacker player.
Change Log
++ Version 1.8
  • Moved the snow effect to a seperate asi .
  • Added the targets and locations being used in NSPM so your friends will sometimes help you complete your NSPM mission.
  • Added your frends now join your party on the NSPM yacht.
  • Added option to rename Ped.
  • Reconfigured default controls for keyboard and controller.

++ Version 1.7
  • Fixed fight picking to only fight the player if the player starts the fight for Aggresion below 5.
  • Fixed spawn locations to list for quicker and closer spawning.
  • Made the players on aggresion above 5 to K/D Ratio warriors with the option to EWO.
  • Prevention to playerz running away for aggresion above 2 .

++ Version 1.61
  • Fixed the missing snow on ground effect.

++ Version 1.6
  • Fixes to the Ai system making the playerz target each other and not just the player.
  • Friendly playerz now don't crowd the player.
  • Updated the tattoo and vehicle lists with the new chop shop assets.
  • Added a fix for missing folders crash.
  • Added the current Gta-Online meam... The rent'o'cop with their shiny new cop car..

++ Version 1.51
  • Added a disable chat option as suggested by 5vnctuary.
  • Fixed Enemy drivers not even trying to run you over.
  • Fixed some friendly drivers trying to run you over.
  • Fix bug where only flying vehicles got filled with playerz.
  • Fix the spawn points on cayo perico and yankton (when you go there via 'Random start' mod latest version).
  • Added a christmas present that starts on christmas eve.

++ Version 1.5
  • Added Multi Language suppport.
  • Removed follower restrictions previously set to 7 now can be upto your session ped limit.
  • Chhanges to aggression now 0 is the lowest setting guns start at 3 and peds don't quit from fights from 2.
  • Fixed Piggy back to detach on peds dieing and jumping on to another player.
  • Added Fixed spawn Points for when the spawner can't find any avalable locations.
  • Added compatablity patch for Cayo and Yankton maps (Requires latest version oof Random Start).

++ Version 1.4
  • Easy Way Out avalable for your self and in the hsckers menu.
  • Phone up playerz random 5 or less of your contacts can be added to your phone (requires activation from the menu).
  • Invite only sessions for you and your friends.
  • Added a shut down mod for other mods compatability.
  • Invite only sessions persist.
  • Moved outfits to main folder to be used by other mods....
  • Few other optimizations.

++ Version 1.3
  • Added Passive mode after death giving you time to escape.
  • Fix the drivers from exiting the vehicles auutomaticly.
  • Added name tags to easly spot players.
  • Added optional freindly fire mode to your followers.
  • Added money bags to troll menu.
  • Added eject player from vehicle to troll menu.
  • Re-organised the menu.
  • Moved All the Outfits to a seperate folder.
  • Few other optimizations.

++ Version 1.2
  • Added Save contacts option.
  • Re Orgainised Menu system for saving contacts.
  • Added a speed up on hold for adjusting values in the menu.
  • Added key binding to the menu.
  • Fix Noitifications to default on.
  • Added auto menu open for a new install.
  • Added the Mk2 Oppressor.
  • Moved the chat system to a seperate tread to prevent flicker.
  • Added a few nationalitys to the chat system.

++ Version 1.1
  • Fix playerz menu crash when opening with no players in sesion.
  • Fix menu toggles to correctly show when on or off.
  • Fix invite only session to not persist when in open.

++ Version 1
  • Convertion of c# scripts into c++.

GifHub C++ Version

GifHub C# Version

--Rockstar Games
--Alexander Blade
--FedoraScrub's .net version)
--Everyone else

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