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  • Franklin

    When your car drives on water, Your car becomes Jesus Chyrsler!

    23 februari 2024
  • Franklin

    @Vurdiac Could imagine it would be a couple of things such as throwing an error message which would give out a anti-piracy message, could be a couple of things that would mess up the pirate's gameplay or even something that it could possibly destroy the pirate's system..

    Those could be some ideas if GTA 6 gets released.

    19 februari 2024
  • Franklin

    @Vurdiac Hopefully they could do that for GTA VI, that way they can troll the pirates with it.

    18 februari 2024
  • Franklin

    Now i wonder for April Fools of this year (i know it's in a few months), there should be that one vehicle called the "Gat Mobile", i could imagine that any time now..

    5 februari 2024
  • Franklin

    Just imagine if we get a couple of some other Family Guy characters such as Brian & Stewie Griffin, Glenn Quagmire and Carter Pewterschmidt as well as some American Dad! characters like Stan Smith and Roger Smith and possibly some other ones from American Dad!

    31 januari 2024
  • Franklin

    There needs to be a new mod where it disables the damage limit for the roof and door damage in GTA, By January 30th of this year, The fix for the ENB not working will probably not work anymore, So there should be a new mod where it removes the limit for door and roof damage in vehicles just like ENB..

    18 januari 2024
  • Franklin

    @K_Seong_Hun Let's hope that when all these vehicles are fixed, A pack for the fixed/improved versions will come, Take your time.

    23 december 2023
  • Franklin

    @William Halverd Exactly of course, While i may see the Gauntlet police variant in the trailer, I have no idea if some of these besides the PD Gauntlet have appeared in the trailer of GTA.

    And since these could be considered "backports" if they are from GTA 6, Then this might explain like a whole bunch of bugs in these, What was Rockstar even thinking before they even decided to add these in the DLC?

    23 december 2023
  • Franklin

    See what happens when Rockstar Games leaves out the bugs that they put onto these Cars and some other vehicles in this update?

    The modding community has no choice but to fix them and improve most of the vehicles in this update by fixing out the noticeable bugs that are found in this update.

    Due to their levels of laziness, Rockstar Games seems to not care about fixing these as soon these come out, only to be fixed in the next update which either takes a long time to happen.

    I'd sure do hope that if Rockstar Games brings back most of these vehicles back in GTA VI, they don't have these problematic bugs that they have in them.

    The modding community does what Rockstar does not, and i love it when the modding community fixes most of the problems on these vehicles that have these bugs for no reason, Rockstar Games should possibly learn from this (if they are not lazy), but it's great to see one of the vehicles being fixed/improved just in time.

    Hopefully, some more cars from this update (maybe some more vehicles) get fixed of course, Rockstar Games is gonna get more lazy everytime they release an update that brings a whole bunch of vehicles that have problems..

    22 december 2023
  • Franklin

    Los Santos is now a ghost town, and you can do whatever you want without the worries of crashing into traffic.

    18 december 2023