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    @Invi101 Might be a script conflict with something else.

    9 februari 2020
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    Never had a single issue with this mod. There are limitations to it due to the way Rockstar have the game setup and there is absolutely no way around it and players have to accept that. Here's a couple examples:
    1. Varying offset - Not possible unless the default vehicle wheels are different in front and back because the wheels are IDENTICAL once you replace them.
    2. Tire adjustments - Right now they are used to manipulate the entire wheel if you change the overall size of the wheel, but the intentional control it was originally meant for does not exist as the wheel models include the tires and they are controlled as one object via the game engine.

    If you want to control the vehicle physics to reduce the odd effects caused by this mod I suggest making the suspension stiffer to counter the bouncy effects. Wheels clipping through fenders are strictly due to a lack of stiff suspension. If you don't know how to modify handling.meta, google it.

    Anyways here's some shots from my experiences:

    Thanks for making this @ikt, it's single-handedly the only reason I play gta v on pc.

    @GIAN_97 that's because they are not used in this version.

    8 februari 2020
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    I had an issue with the customization of this car not working properly if I had too many mods, what I did to combat this issue is I changed the carcols.meta id to 1082. Seems to have fixed my issues indefinitely. Wanted to share this method :)

    2 februari 2020