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    In some new cars, the force direction is reversed. example sugoi.
    I am running with bunch of other mods, if nobody else having the issue i will try installing one by one and testing

    14 augustus 2021
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    I am sure shadows from streetlights hit the performance. Great visual to have car ceiling casting shadows on interior though. I have an old gtx970 and have to reduce some draw distances to use the mod but it's still better than vanilla, mostly colours. And atmospheric setting mentioned in NVR still works (NVR got really buggy with recent updates)

    17 maart 2021
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    For anyone curious, in my instance the crash is because i deleted <Item>dlcpacks:/mpsmuggler/</Item> from dlclist to mute the wiper sound from the mod you know.
    For those lazy to go back and read, enabling mp maps was crashing the trainer, or actually anything that tried to enable mp maps.

    16 januari 2021
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    @sjaak327 sorry i had lots of work meanwhile,
    what i wanted to hear though, was just too lazy to uninstall all mods and go one by one and find which f*s it up. Thanks a lot for the great trainer and reply!

    14 januari 2021
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    Hi dudes, are you aware of the issue that you can't enable MP maps while having openIV.asi running in there? I think it has something to do with loading onliine prevention by openIV, any ideas to go around like by duplicating the online assets as seperate dlcs?
    I guess it was asked couple of times about the problem around forums and no solution is found anywhere :/
    Amazing (enter)trainer mod by the way!

    10 januari 2021