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    @Cwood I would love this fix. Not sure the best way to ping you. Can you give me a general idea of what a fix looks like for this situation?

    8 april 2021
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    @HKH191 Everything works perfect as stated in the mod description. I did notice a water plane floating 30 yards behind the boat up in the air at about the height of the main deck. Wondering if it is there for everyone or may be a result of the choices I made for support boats? Anyone else see this?

    7 april 2021
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    Nevermind. Figured it out. Copy paste error in scenario meta. Need to make sure it is in scenarios not scenario types.

    6 april 2021
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    I did a fresh install of everything so I installed the newest version of this mod. Now there are way less people in the club. No one standing only people sitting. No one on the dance floor and no stage dancer. I used the mod "DoPedStuff" to see if I jump into the animation on the floor. They animations don't seem to be there. If no one is standing and do dancing can you think of what I could have messed up. Like what where do those exist? The club is open has people in line and all the right models inside including the dll for DJ.

    3 april 2021
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    I don't get crashes at all but I was going to add some add-on vehicle packs. So I installed this gameconfig. Before installing any add-ons at all I tested 5x and even GTA default. After 5 minutes of driving with a police chase I hard crash. I do have some other DLC that are not vehicles. I have replaced some peds. For now I just put my saved gameconfig back in and no crashes.

    14 maart 2021
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    @LeetSombrero Awesome! Thank you!

    6 maart 2021
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    Love this mod. Anyway to get rid of the custom npcs? They ugly as hell. :) I replaced over 60 models so no ugly chics through out the game. Anything I can do to replace your custom npc females or remove them?

    5 maart 2021