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    Your 1st MLO? I hope it's not your last. Great work!

    1 dag geleden
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    Great work. Really looking forward to placing this somewhere in the city. Since this is the first version, I wonder if in future updates you would consider making 'surfside' an open interior? Obviously props and vegetation would enhance this but I appreciate that will come later. First thing I'm going to do is add an animated billboard or a mural. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this

    8 dagen geleden
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    This is a cool concept. In future updates, would you consider optimising for downgraded versions? I appreciate that benefits those who pirate but 5real users have to use earlier versions and since mpmaps aren't a requirement for this mod, it should be compatible

    10 dagen geleden
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    @robiehn88 thanks for this, very clever. Could you do something similar to make NPC's jog faster? Fleeing NPC's are ok but the ones that attack jog very slowly and it shouldn't be so easy to run from them.

    21 januari 2023
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    Gamechanger. Essential mod. IKT, you primarily make vehicle mods but please please please can you expand this so that it works on foot too?

    20 januari 2023
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    So frustrating it's fun. Lost all my bearings, always on the wrong side of the road, can't believe how different it makes the map feel though. Almost a new game! One day when I have time I will start to flip the textures so things are readable

    8 januari 2023
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    This still work for anyone? Noticed it wasn't working the other day but realised I've updated a few times since I last noticed it. It's one of those, you don't know what you've got until it's gone mods

    4 januari 2023
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    dude, what the fuck were you thinking when you decided to upload it here? There are people making a living selling shitty ymaps for fivem servers to use, meanwhile you've just come up with the solution to all of the problems I was having and if anything, this is going to cost you because you're not getting the time back from answering everyone's questions. I wish there were more people like you who put their passion and love of helping others before their balance, I am honestly expecting a blue screen because this seems too good to be true

    22 december 2022
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    Mate, really impressed just not big on the location. CBA to edit the nodes so train is just gonna smash into it

    25 november 2022
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    Yes. I wouldn't recommend. I have a 3060ti but still have to use normal textures @ 30fps. Wish there were more people like Nikthegreek so I could pick and choose what bits to install

    12 november 2022