1969 Declasse Vigero Rumbler Pack [Add-On | Tuning | Template | RDE-Style] 2.1


Affordable by 1969 standards, the embodiment of vintage badass lifestyle, Declasse Vigero Rumbler includes hidden headlights, refreshed rear fascia, and a mighty big block engine ready to lead you head-on against oncoming traffic. Get a pretty girl, some green grass and hit the paradise.
Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Declasse Vigero Rumbler

Rumbler Street Rod represents the crowning glory of blue-collar street racing. With an oversized blower sticking out of chassis, nocturnal purple paintjob seemingly borrowed from some Japanese rice rocket, and slight tendencies to wheelie upon acceleration, this monster has nothing to fear except vehicles capable of cornering.
Southern San Andreas Super Autos, Declasse Vigero Rumbler Street Rod

Imagine you're a 1960s cop behind the wheel in some dilapidated sedan, and then your ensured happiness when you're about to drive the nefarious Vigero Rumbler outfitted with police equipment. The only thing more terrifying than its hidden headlights is a lightbar, flashing in all directions, with the zealous cop longing for blood and engine oil of criminals he's pursuing.
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+ Rumbler: added 2 liveries (Xero Gas, The Lost).
+ LSPD: improved roof attachment model of tin can lights and a loudspeaker.
+ PCPD: added custom PCPD-styled vanity plate.

+ General: new light textures, chrome front indicators, carburettor now shakes with engine, wheel model tweaks, minor model tweaks, added LSPD lightbar model to template.
+ Added variants: LSPD, LSPD unmarked, LSSD, SAHP.
+ Rumbler: added 3 liveries (Gorilla Style, Blazing Phoenix, Tattered Phoenix), changed engine sound, renamed OEM Stripes ## to OEM Black Stripes, OEM Black Streak and OEM White Streak.
+ Street Rod: added nitrous tank (between seats) and fuel cell (in trunk), widened front fascia holes.
+ PCPD: new pushbar light textures, added radio, minor livery tweaks.


Initial release.

Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.

This is a custom vehicle based on original Declasse Vigero. As of 2.0, it comes in 7 flavours:
• stock model (vigero3),
• LSPD model (policevig3),
• unmarked LSPD model (policevig32),
• LSSD model (lssheriffvig3),
• SAHP model (hwayvig3),
Two models based on various variants of Carson Annihilator from Burnout Paradise:
• Street Rod (vigero4),
• Paradise City Police Department (pcpdvig).

• Full livery support - 4K template including tuning parts available in the archive.
• 14 community created liveries: OEM stripes, Annihilator-styled stripes, military-inspired stencil (Land Dogfighter), two racing liveries (Globe Oil, Xero Gas), two flame liveries (Blazing Phoenix and Tattered Phoenix), 1969 Chevrolet Camaro livery based on its appearance in Gorillaz - Stylo music video (Gorilla Style), the Lost MC livery.
• New front fascia design: working hidden headlights, added indicators, curved bumper, extra licence plate.
• New rear fascia design: reworked bumper and taillights, extra rear window louvres, squared exhaust tips.
• Wheel design: new rims, slightly wider rear tyres.
• Engine: new model, shaking.
• Wobbling antenna.
• Original Vigero tuning parts plus mapping and minor improvements.
• Mirrors: new design, moved from front fenders to doors.
• Badge design: new Rumbler badges, replaced Declasse logo with a vintage variant.
Law enforcement variants: late 1960s Los Angeles and California-based liveries and equipment: custom tin can lights made from default parts, each individual lamp glass can be broken, working breakable spotlights, scratch-made pushbars, appropriate interior and trunk equipment, cop-grade colourable rims.
Street Rod variant: custom front-raising handling, custom livery, custom rims.
PCPD variant: equipment and livery closely based on Carson PCPD Annihilator design: Twinsonic-based lightbar, new decals, PCPD-styled vanity plate.
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

Known issue: liveries are not selectable in LSC and have to be applied in a trainer (recommended Simple Native Trainer).

Rockstar Games - original car model, original equipment models.
Voit Turyv - car model improvements and variants, UV mapping and template, LSPD and LSSD lightbar models, SAHP pushbar model, text files.
11john11 - PCPD lightbar model, lighting setups designs, round police light texture, research, providing information.
Da7K - rear window louvres model.
Skitty - LSSD pushbar model.
Johnny362000 - custom handling for Street Rod variant.
Aquamenti - LSSD lightbar support plate model.
Solo - shotgun model.

artistraaw - Street Rod, PCPD-styled LSPD badge.
Boywond - Annihilator stripes, Rumbler badge, PCPD vanity plate.
DeathByAmbient - OEM stripes and OEM streaks.
DynamoHotRun - liveries: Globe Oil, Land Dogfighter, Gorilla Style.
JoonasPRKL - liveries: Blazing Phoenix, Tattered Phoenix, Xero Gas, The Lost.
TheShotty - Street Rod livery extraction from Burnout Paradise game files.
11john11, NefariousBonne, Voit Turyv, Yard1 - law enforcement variants decals.

DynamoHotRun, 11john11, JoonasPRKL.

If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
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