Killdozer [Menyoo]


You need menyoo to spawn this vehicle. Get menyoo here:

At the time of making this I had no Idea that the release of this "mod" would coincide with the birthdate of the man who constructed this real life monstrosity. But after reading up and finding out that his birthday was today October 28'th I must say that I'm a bit spooked by the synchronicity.

Inspired by true events in Colorado where a welder took revenge on a corrupt town that ruined his muffler shop. Much like the actual "Killdozer" this bulldozer has been armor plated with sheets of steel to keep you and the engine from being shot, however locker doors were the best sized sheets of metal I could find in menyoo so it doesn't look perfect.

Bugs: Cops can't always see you because you are behind the metal plates, some peds can still drag you out so I suggest locking doors with menyoo or some other door locking script and the interior looks kinda dumb with all the locker doors poking around everywhere. I may update this later by covering up the locker doors with more locker doors.

Installation: to install you place killdozer.xml in the "spooner" section of "menyoo stuff" menyoo stuff should be in your gtav directory/main folder.
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